A Basecamp Summer

These ARE the good old days!

Since returning to Alaska and our home in Denali, we have reverted back to a more rooted lifestyle.

Instead of roaming the western USA for months at a time we have enjoyed being in one place for a while and in many ways it has been an exceptional summer. 

Our Creeping Jenny Waterfall
Denise's Summer Flowers
Denise’s Summer Flowers


Daily life in camp includes taking long walks in the woods with the pups, meeting friends for coffee at the Artisan Cafe, gardening and watering flowers and sometimes an afternoon nap.

Regular BBQ’s with friends around the fire pit while listening to classic rock on the outdoor speakers has made for some very enjoyable evenings…..it just doesn’t get any better!

Fire Pit BBQ

This summers climate has been a mix of abundant sunshine in June and early July but then lots of rain in later July and August.  

An early spring has made for a little longer growing season which enabled better greenhouse crops and a fantastic blueberry year. 

Climate change in Alaska is becoming more apparent.


The extended season has helped Denise’s greenhouse and garden produce a bountiful harvest.  The cucumber crop has been stellar and more then we can eat so she has been selling the extra locally.  (the fruit lady is back!)

Cucumbers For Sale!
Cucumbers For Sale!

Her tomato crop has been prolific and delicious and the carrot crop promises to be fantastic.  Her super salads have been outrageous!




Berries From Just One Plant

We have had a steady stream of visitors arriving at basecamp this summer.  Family and friends have all made their way to Denali to visit.  

It is always great fun to party with them around the pit and take the first time folks on a tour of the Denali’s front country areas.

Marion, Squeaky and Marysia enjoy a summer afternoon.
Tom and Marysia
Tom and Marysia
Joann Stelhey and friends
Cindy, JoAnn, Diana and Tim


Tok Friends
Kay Lynn and David, with Iorek and Gretta from Tok

The ZEFYR is currently parked under its carport awaiting the fall departure. We decided to install a new engine and transmission in the CABOSE to give us a little more horsepower on the hills when the big dogs are riding in the back. 


Other projects around basecamp this summer included building new workbenches in the greenhouse and selling a few items we no longer needed such as a motorcycle and a car.

New Windshield In The Zypher
After A Major Rock Strike On The Alcan This Spring, The Zefyr Gets A New Windshield Installed

In just a few weeks we will again winterize basecamp and head south.  It has been an exceptional summer with many fun and relaxing times.

We truly have been enjoying this recurring seasonal lifestyle.  6 months of wandering the backroads of America and 6 months of summer in Alaska combine the best of both worlds.  

Reconnecting with friends and family on the road and at home makes for an invigorating and social way of life.

Our only definite travel plans for this winter include driving south till we find warmer weather and of course visiting friends and family…. sound familiar?

Our continuing mission is to find new remote locations to explore and new friends to meet.

Overhead View Of The Our Party Pit
Overhead View Of The Party Pit

We have put together a short video of our basecamp home and the local area for your review.  It highlights the four seasons of Denali.

Thanks for joining us on our adventures. Our regular travels posts will begin again soon.  The big dogs are getting excited about running across the desert again!

Stay Tuned!

Keep You Posted!


17 thoughts on “A Basecamp Summer

  1. Denise and Tim,

    It was really great to meet you and to spend a fun filled evening with you. Your video is spectacular!! Wow……you sure do have an artistic eye. Would like to see you guys again upon your return to Powell Butte.



  2. You guys are amazing! Love the videos. Wish we were there for the fresh garden goodies😀Was so wonderful to be at base camp with you this summer. Many Thanks! We head for Burma and Nepal on Tuesday for six weeks. We are getting excited😀


    1. It was fun having you at base camp this summer, glad your enjoying our blog. Have a fantastic time in Asia, in just a few weeks we depart south for the winter, we are also getting very excited (-:


  3. Summer is slowly winding down…these months tend to find a way to sneak by, eh. We so look forward to connecting with you on one of your adventures. The chassis work on our rig was just completed and it is now on the production line to begin work on the “house”. The manufacturer is sending us photos of the entire process…pretty cool to see the puzzle materialize. We have been told that October is still the month to take possession, so we have been gathering our gear for that maiden trip. Basecamp looks so beautiful and that garden of yours redefines the meaning of bountiful. Will be in touch prior to you heading out.


    1. Its very cool you can watch your rig being built, bet your getting excited! We are looking forward to hitting the road again, hope your maiden voyage is a fun one. I am sure we will cross paths again this winter…maybe Death Valley 🙂


  4. Ahhh… such fond memories this brings back. Your place is looking gorgeous, and you both are glowing! Wishing you a wonderful few last weeks in AK before you head south. Blessings and hugs to you all.


  5. We certainly enjoyed visiting your basecamp – lovely setting, flowers, garden, and company! So enjoyed visiting with Denise, Tim, Tuks, and Lulu.


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