The Golden Rolling Hills Of Southern California

We continue to camp in my mom’s beautiful backyard in Thousand Oaks, California while my sister Jeanelle and Denise help with her recovery, daily physical therapy and overall well being.

Beautiful Camping In Mom's Backyard
Beautiful Camping In Mom’s Wonderful Backyard
Backyard Camping At Its Best
Backyard Camping At Its Best

When you are almost 95 years young it takes a little longer to recover and she continues to improve, she’s a tough cookie.

Mom's Orchids
Mom’s Orchids

My duties have been to keep up with the shopping, general routine house and car maintenance and provide a stimulating amusement.

Mom Enjoys Her Favorite Food
Mom Enjoys Her Favorite Food

There is nothing quite like living in SoCal in the winter months if that is what you want to call it.  We routinely monitor the weather at our home in Alaska where recently its been -30 below, now thats winter!

 View Through Our Sky Light
Backyard View Through Our Sky Light

The other night it dropped to 34 degrees here in Thousand Oaks and you would of thought a nuclear winter had set in.

During A Freeze Farmers Protect Their Crops By Spraying Water On Them
During A Potential Freeze Farmers Protect Their Crops By Spraying Water On Them

With heaters on high, heavy jackets, gloves, Ugg boots and steaming hot coffee the locals forge ahead.  For us Alaskans it was just another day in the tropics.

Nothing Like A Southern California Christmas
Nothing Quite Like A Southern California Christmas

The living is easy for the big dogs in this climate.  Our morning routine is to drive to a local dog park at the bottom of the Camarillo grade just off Hwy 101.

It is a paradise for the pups with hiking trails, large oaks, green lawns and other friendly dogs and their owners.

Tuks Enjoys The shade At The Camarillo Dog Park
Tuks Enjoys The Shade At The Camarillo Dog Park

Since we have been very focused on mom’s recovery Thanksgiving dinner this year was catered by my sister Anne Marie and her family.  They provided a fabulous turkey dinner with all the fixings, it was a fantastic treat and a lovely evening.

Anne And Philip Massage The turkey At Thanksgiving
Anne And Philip Baste the Turkey Thanksgiving Day.

Mom has had some trouble walking across the carpets within her home.  So the decision was made to replace the carpeting with laminate flooring to provide a smooth surface area for her.

By the time we moved all the furniture, ripped out all the old carpet and installed new flooring, Denise and I had spent about 4 days on the project.  Not a hard project but somewhat time consuming.

She now enjoys cruising around the new floor with her walker.

Lots Of Time Spent On Ones Knees
Lots Of Time Spent On Ones Knees ClickLocking


New Flooring Being Installed, Notice The Zefyr Parked in the Backyard

Enjoying A night Out On My Sisters Birthday
Enjoying A Night Out To Celebrate Denise and My Sister Jeanelle’s Birthdays

During our limited spare time we continue to wander the great backroads in the area.

Southern California provides some of the best driving roads in the state with names like Mulholland Drive, Decker Canyon and Deer Creek.  

These are the roads where I learned to drive in the 60’s and on the weekends today are busy with $100,000 plus sports cars plying the sinuous curves.

Mullhuland Drive
Mulholland Drive

The big dogs are always ready to jump in the back of the Cabose and take a drive into the Santa Monica Mts. where it is still a golden brown due to the ongoing drought.

There are times we enjoy living in a city especially when it comes to fresh food.  The ability to shop daily for fresh produce is simply amazing.  In Alaska we must drive 125 miles one way to shop for anything.


There is an endless supply of good eateries in Thousand Oaks although they are still missing a good brewery.  

Christmas shopping is now well under way with holiday music blaring out of every speaker as folks search for the perfect gift.

Currently on the weekends thousand of southern Californians are wearing shorts while searching for the perfect Christmas tree.

Tree Shopping In The 90's
Tree Shopping In The 90’s


Oak Trees Decorated Christmas Lights
Oak Trees Decorated With Christmas Lights

Christmas without snow will always seem odd to us.  We are not complaining but it will never be the same as having to shovel the driveway on Christmas eve so your guests can get to the house for dinner.

A Typical Basecamp Christmas in Denali

Very soon we hope to drive east and get lost in the desert for some peace and quiet.  We have a secret boondocking spot calling to us located near Joshua Tree NP.

Evening Light Near Paso Robles
Mom Enjoys the Golden Rolling Hills Near Paso Robles

Enjoy our latest video of the Big Dogs cruising through the beautiful foothills of Southern California.


Next stop the California desert, keep you posted……






21 thoughts on “The Golden Rolling Hills Of Southern California

  1. Awesome site! Great to see all the pics, throughout the years. Many memories of visiting you all, in thousand oaks. What a wonderful family. Love to you all.


  2. So glad to hear you’re well, able to spend so much time with family, Tim’s mom is improving, and that you’ve been enjoying the temps/ southern Calif. area. Happy holidays and big hugs all round, with special belly rubs/ pats to Lulu and Tuks!


  3. Hi Tim and Denise – good to hear from you again and what a wonderful video and pictures. We hope to see you in Jan at Buses by the Bridge or anytime you want to camp for a few days at the Gehlhaar KOA. Gert and Joyce


    1. Gert, at this point we would love to attend BBB but my mom’s recovery may be formost importance, will have to keep you updated. Thanks for the KOA offer we will most likely visit you some point. Happy Holidays!


  4. Mom’s continued improvement is wonderful news…and she looks strong attached to that In & Out burger. We again enjoyed your video…you have become quite an artist. Have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to catching up with you in person…gotta have you in one of our own posts.


  5. Breathtaking. Safe travels and we are always watching for the next video! Merry Christmas to you both and wishing a very safe, happy, and wonderful New Year!


  6. Thank you both for all your time spent with mom and work done in home to help her. The blog is lovely, as always. See you soon!


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