The Okanagan Valley

Pinot Noir ready for harvest
Pinot Noir Grapes ready for harvest
Pinot Vines at the Spier Winery
Pinot Vines at the Spier Winery

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After a beautiful drive south from Kamloops through farming country to the Okanagan Region we are now camped in Bear Creek Provincial Park. It’s situated on the shore of Okanagan Lake directly across from the city of Kelowna on its east shore.

To be honest we were a little disappointed regarding the size of Kelowna and it’s levels of traffic. We had to remind ourselves that the area that surrounds this lake it is the most temperate zone in all of Canada and is a year round playground for many a Canadian.

Lake front property is now priced in the millions and many a spectacular home overlooks distant views up and down its shores. Some home owners work in Alberta during the week and fly home to spend their weekends on the lake. We should of bought land here in the 70’s

The reason we are here is the 2014 Okanagan fall wine festival. Over 400 wineries from one end of the lake to other celebrate for 10 days with special tastings, appetizers, dinners and special events. We spent our first day visiting at least 4 different wineries on the west side of the lake partaking in the all that was vino.

Some of the wineries have their own bistros and at Volcanic Hills winey we had a very tasty lunch on the terrace at the Blue Saffron Bistro overlooking their vineyards. Dirty Laundry winery was todays favorite for overall ambiance with Glass railings providing distant views of the lake and their about to be harvested vineyards. It was a perfect +72 as we swilled a favorite Cabernet.

LuLu and Tuks got to run free at two of the wineries and enjoyed themselves immensely playing with the local winery dogs and acting liked they owned the place. It was great fun for all.

Besides grapes this region is famous for a lot of other fruits. It’s currently apple season and everywhere there are apples hanging from trees and young folks picking. Peachland is aptly named for its fabulous peaches and other soft fruit they grow everywhere. Denise bought fresh corn on the cob for dinner tonight. You might say we found our eating and drinking paradise.

Our VW bug has been a big hit all through Canada especially with all of 4 us onboard. Lots of waves and thumbs up as we cruise down the road. It’s been great fun driving the back roads and along the lake shore though we do have to be careful and park in the shade when leaving the pups while we taste.

This weekend Canadians will celebrate their thanksgiving and the fall grape harvest. It will be a very busy time with lots of parties and family get togethers. The campgrounds will all be full especially the ones along the lake. We plan on staying where we are since we have a wonderful shaded site just near the lake.

Monday we head back to Kamloops to get the motorhome serviced and then it’s off to Jasper and Banff National Parks…… long as the weather stays moderate otherwise it’s due south for us.

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