Indian Bread Rendezvous

After several hours of driving west into a stiff head wind the dogs suddenly awoke as we decelerated down the freeway off ramp near Bowie AZ. Looking over we saw the space we had just vacated in the long string of fast moving semis already filled with another truck…. like we weren’t even there………. It was good to […]

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Far Side Of Nowhere

Ignoring a possible $5000 fine the big dogs waded into the Rio Grande River and headed south towards Mexico. Fortunately the Border Patrol missed seeing them as they later waded back to the US side of the river. This post finds us still in Texas wandering hundreds of miles south of Austin into the wide open deserts and […]

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BBQ + Blues

It was just after 9:00 pm as we cruised along the busy downtown boulevard.  The sounds of live music reverberated from both sides of the avenue as people meandered from club to club sampling the many varieties of music. Stopping for a red light we pulled up alongside a horse drawn carriage and the pups immediately began to […]

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Lost In A Mecca Hills Maze

Rain clouds were forming as we hiked up a 2′ wide canyon with 300′ walls on either side consisting of soft mud, we were deep inside flash flood country.  If it started to rain hard we would have to run to stay ahead of a wall of water…. a flash flood.  But the pups were […]

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Summiting Chiriaco

As we sit around the campfire basking in the light of the full moon we stare into the distance and watch the seemingly never ending river of lights that is Interstate 10.  We are alone in the desert again. We have been camped at this site for two weeks now…. basically in the middle of nowhere. […]

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