Friends, Family And Feast

The old saying “time flies when your having fun” certainly has been a truism this month. Recently my 93 year old mother traveled to Alaska to visit her children. This visit was probably her 35th trip  since my brother Sam and I first migrated to this state in the early 70’s. Mom’s love of the north […]

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Mid Summer Delights

Above Is The Fabulous Quilt Depicting Mt. McKinley Designed and Constructed by Denali Artist Ree Nancarrow. It Is On Permanent Display In The Eielson Visitor Center Within Denali National Park Taylor Basecamp is situated at about 1700 ft. elevation and located in the middle of the Alaska Range about 80 air miles from the summit of Mt. McKinley.  […]

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Summer In Denali

June has come and gone and we had a blast. This post is late due to the fact that we have been very busy having way to much fun. Below are just some of the highlights of this months activities. June means the vegetation has now greened up and the wild flowers are beautiful. The […]

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April In Denali

WOW!   We can’t believe we have been stationary at Taylor Base Camp for about a month now! Its has been great to be home but we also really miss being on the road. The dogs were confused for first couple of weeks and would run to get into the ZEFYR everytime we went somewhere. April’s […]

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On Our Way Home 2

On Our Way Home     part 2 Since our last post we departed the Sierra Nevada’s and headed back to the coast. After making a brief stop in Sacramento to replace the bug’s distributor which failed while driving in Yosemite valley, we spent the night at Standish Hicky State Park situated along Hwy. 101.  This beautifully lush campground along the South Fork of […]

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On Our Way Home

 On Our Way Home     part 1 The time has come…….we must slowly head north to be home in time for our favorite time of year in Alaska… SPRING!! After leaving family and friends in Thousand Oaks we headed straight for our favorite beach campsite along the Rincon Parkway just 20 miles away.  As […]

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California Green

After wandering the deserts of Calif and Arizona for almost 2 months we have just spent 2 weeks in Thousand Oaks California visiting family.  Below is a short video of my mom’s home during a family get together this last weekend. A lot has happened since we left the southland, it has rained several inches! As we descended from the […]

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