Bears, Bison And Boiling Water

After losing ourselves in Waterton-Glacier National Park for a while we eventually followed our noses and the moderate weather into southern Montana.

But we did have a worthy goal in mind…visit our friends the Habeckers near Bozeman. Tom and Donna spent their careers working for the National Park Service in many different parks and are now retired.  After living in park service housing for all of their careers they decided to build their dream cabin in the woods. 

Let me tell you they fully succeeded.  They started designing their new home a few years before retirement and then helped the contractor during the construction. The cabin is situated on 20 acres within the Bridger Mts. of Montana and is one of the most well thought out, functional and beautifully appointed log  homes you will ever see. 

The attached video only captures some of the essence of this wonderful place, it certainly took our breath away. Thanks for the hospitality Tom and Donna. we had a wonderful time, the big dogs will never forget it.

We will be back…You can count on it!

Front Porch Of Habecker Ranger Station
Front Porch Of Habecker Ranger Station

Restocking our wine cabinet in Bozeman was a top priority before we proceeded south to Gardiner and the entrance to Yellowstone NP.  We were VERY excited to enter America’s oldest National Park.

The weather was moderate and gasoline being somewhat cheap made for a few more visitors in the campgrounds and on the road but clear blue skies with white puffy clouds made up for it.


I could pontifically expound about Yellowstone and its sights and sounds but it being America’s first National Park it has been eloquently described by many before me.

I will say if you have never visited this park you are missing some of the best scenery our National Park system has to offer.

Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Terraces


The Norris Geyser basin was exceptionally cool or hot depending on your perspective.

Norris Gyser Basin
Norris Geyser Basin
Early Morning Along The Lewis River
Early Morning Along The Lewis River


After a cool night spent camped at Lewis Lake we continue south into Teton National Park.  Along Jackson Lake the pups had a romp along its shores where they found bear tracks.


Jackson Lake
Jackson Lake
Bear Tracks Along The Shores Of Jackson Lake
Bear Tracks Along The Shores Of Jackson Lake

 When it comes to scenic vertical topography this place has it all.  I had visited the park in the summer of 1969 during a 20,000 mile sojourn around the US in a yellow 1957 VW Van with my friend Mike.

I had forgotten how absolutely stunning the Tetons are especially on a blue bird day such as we had.

Tim Contemplates The Snake River Shortly Before Floating Across In An Old Inner Tube 19691969- Tim Contemplates The Snake River Shortly Before Floating Across On An Old Inner Tube

 This was Denise’s first time here and she was blown away by the escarpment of the Grand Teton.  We walked around the Exum climbers camp at Jenny Lake as I had in 1969 while looking for work.



We hiked on some of the local trails enjoying the fantastic scenery.

IMG_6690 (1)

The Grand Teton Visitor Center is probably one of the finest NPS public spaces we have seen architecturally. Its inner court yard has almost an Asian feel to it. A must visit.

Grand Teton Visitor Center
Grand Teton Visitor Center With The Tetons In The Background

Don’t miss our short video below- Bears, Bison and Boiling Water

From here we head south towards Moab and Canyonlands 

keep you posted……….


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13 thoughts on “Bears, Bison And Boiling Water

  1. So enjoying your travels, posts and pictures. Especially this Yellowstone and Teton one – my home in the GYA for almost 20 years. Looking forward to reading about all you upcoming travels. Oh, and a question – your photos are really stunning – while I know that talent and a good eye are critical, a good camera helps. What kind are you using? I’m in the market for an upgrade and would love any advice you might have. Cheers and keep the fun coming! Martha


    1. Thanks for the nice comments Martha. We are enjoying this lifestyle. I bet you miss the yellowstone, what a great place!

      We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on camera gear to get these kinds of pictures……not!
      All we use is an iPhone 6 for almost all photos and video. I am about to get an iPhone 6s which has an ever better camera.

      We considered a full size high pixel pro type camera but after many years of traveling the world with two full size 35mm SLR’s we did not want the weight or hassle of a heavy camera anymore.

      To be honest an iPhone 6 is fantastic for generals photos and videos, it is light weight and easy to slip into your pocket always at the ready and has many options for different types of photos. We do occosionally use a handheld gopro or mounted on the rig and my quad copter for aerial photos but 90% of our work is the iPhone.
      Glad you are enjoying following the big dogs


      1. Thanks so much for your reply Tim! I’m even more impressed now knowing that you’re creating so many great pictures with your phone camera! Must be a big serving of talent and a good eye going along with it. Maybe time for me to go to the ATT store for an upgrade…… 🙂

        “Early Morning Along the Lewis River”….. I can almost hear the elk bugling. Looking forward to all your future installments!


  2. Wow Tim! Great photography, video and writing. Just as smooth on the electronic controls as on the hydraulic controls! Come stay with us when your travels bring you to Colorado. Hi to Denise and the furry ones. — Chuck


    1. Hi Chuck glad you are enjoying the blog. How are you and yours? Not sure if we will make it that far east this winter
      but if El Nino opens up a window of opportunity ya never know.
      Still with the NPS? I’m not 🙂
      Hi to all!


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