Old Buses and Big Balloons

After spending the holidays with family and friends on the west coast we have once again moved east into the desert. Recently we attended the 19th annual “Buses at the Bridge” event held in Lake Havasu City Arizona.
This event originally began with owners of old VW camper vans getting together to camp and hang out with other like minded VW people.


Now in its 19th year it has grown and become a fantastic place to see buses in all conditions from beautifully restored to original survivors, camp in a beautiful place, meet new friends and party for 3 days.

On the same weekend this event happens to coincide with the annual Lake Havasu Ballon festival, http://www.havasuballoonfest.com which is held near the London Bridge and just across the channel from the VW event.


We arrived early with my brother Sam, his wife Chris and their daughter Robben Thursday night to secure a good site up on the hill overlooking the event.

There were VW’s buses from all over Calif, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and as far away as Ontario Canada.  Some absolutely beautiful examples of old camper conversions, many in pristine condition and others with fabulous older patina were on display.




There were over 450 VW buses in attendance and everyone there was having a great time sharing stories of traveling and living in VW campers.

We met older folks who in the 60’s were part of the Peace and Love generation and grew up living in their buses (I guess this would include us).

We met younger folks that are now appreciating and driving old camper vans because their folks did and a whole new generation that enjoys the freedom of having their home with them wherever they go just as we did.



We spent 3 nights camped at Lake Havazu State park sitting around a juniper wood campfire eating, telling VW stories and drinking wine. Each morning at day break brought dozens of beautiful balloons rising up from the desert floor that silently drifted just overhead.


It was a great way to wake up each morning and what a sight. Some would slowly descend and dip their baskets into the lake while others would disappear into the distance.

Chris, Robben and Sam Enjoying the Morning Show
Chris, Robben and Sam Enjoying the Morning Show





Denise and I truly enjoyed the camaraderie and easy going feel of this event. We were honored to make new friends with great people like Jim and Gert and Janet, all original attendees of the initial event and still involved with VW vans and campers.





We will be here next year that’s for sure!

Next stop Quartzite and the “BIG SHOW”

Keep you posted…….


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