We are currently wandering through Baja Mexico. Enjoy our latest video, this will be a multipart series.

If possible watch in it 1080p and turn up the volume for the most enjoyment!!

Wandering Baja Mexico Winter 2022

22 thoughts on “ANY ROAD…

  1. We finally got enough service to watch some of your videos. Love them! It was so good to travel with you guys (and Ruby) in Baja. We look forward to seeing you again this summer up in the other end of the continent. Chris.


    1. Thanks Chris, it was a fun winter hanging with you guys also, with the price of fuel up north it may not be too crowed in Alaska and Canada after all, stay in touch and good luck with your bike races!!


    1. Thanks Ron, it sounds like you have been a very busy guy this winter. Ruby has had a total blast meeting new dogs in Baja, she is very good at determining their demeanor and in almost cases has made a new friend. I am so glad we have her with us. See you soon..Tim


    1. Thanks Kirby, we just returned to the USA yesterday and immediately had an In and Out Burger! Baja is a fantastic glimpse of what California used to look like 100 years ago, great adventures! Hope you and yours are doing well!


  2. Fantastic. You’ve had some great skys. Enjoy – I know u will. Love from Chidgeys.

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    1. Thanks Katie and Jerry, Baja is a very special place. We wanted to return to SoCal to visit friends and family but fuel prices are keeping us away, we are now slowly headed north. Hope your both doing well! Love T+D


  3. you’re baaaaaack!! I have always enjoyed your videos and this one is Awesome!! Looks like the Farther is doing exactly what you wanted it it to do, take you way out there. Your videography and excavation team are fabulous. And here’s to not knowing where you are going! Michael wants to look for a shop who can lift our coach and change our WeBeGon to 4-wheel drive. But looking at those roads you got to take, I have a feeling that WeBeStuck instead of Gone. Anyway, miss you guys and love seeing your joy. Hugs!


  4. Wow! I’ve missed seeing your productions, and this was well worth waiting for. Glad that you’re living the dream!


    1. Thanks you guys its good to be on the road again, the new rig is doing what it was designed for and more…we love it. I know we have been saying this for years but… we need to get together sometime!!


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