Superior Colors


The view ahead looked as though someone was spinning the road in a kaleidoscope of colors that changed from green to red to orange to yellow and back again.

We were not hallucinating, we were just in Michigan.

“It is one of the prettiest places in the world”.
—Henry Ford, 1920’s—

 “Nowhere, probably on the continent, is the fall foliage more beautiful in brilliancy  or contrasting colors”.
—George Shiras, National Geographic, August 1921

We had finally arrived.  After our lengthy road trip south from Alaska and then east across the Canadian Prairies (see our last post) we were now ready to investigate Lake Superior.

Lake Superior

Our plan was to explore the nearly 500 miles of the southern shoreline hoping to experience what fall means in Minnesota, Wisconsin and especially Michigan and to learn what being a “Yooper” really means.

Yooper- A native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yoopers are known to be extremely friendly and welcoming people and make anyone feel at ease.

Inside A Wisconsin Cheese Factory

It was time to slow down. For the next month we tasked ourselves to wander the back roads, to meet new friends, to visit cheese factories, eat new foods and to enjoy the colorful wilderness of the great north woods. 

It didn’t take us long to meet this goal.

Lakeside Camp In Herbster

Slowly we headed east following the southern half of the Great Circle Route around this massive lake. The total distance around Lake Superior is about 1300 miles.

Some interesting facts – Amazingly there is enough water within Lake Superior to flood all of North and South America to a depth of one foot. It looked like an ocean to us.

Lake Superior is so large and so deep that its retention time – about how long an average drop of water remains in the Lake – is 191 years. (not sure who figured that fact out)

Evening Light Near Herbster WI

Whenever possible we camped along the shore so we could enjoy the sunsets and listen to the lapping waters. Shore camping also allowed Denise to look for agates and other beautiful rocks along the waters edge, a passion for her.

Beautiful Rocks

While following the local logging roads it was easy to get lost in the dense hardwood forests.

But these misadventures allowed the big dogs a chance to run free and when we did eventually return to civilization sometimes we would find unusual and interesting out of the way places.

Blue Vista Farm Apples

We regularly stopped at local fruit and farm stands purchasing fresh veggies, fresh corn, crisp apples and sampling their outstanding ciders.

Fall Gourds
Blue Vista Farm

In the historic town of Ironwood Michigan we visited Jim Decur, a good friend that we had worked with in Denali. After spending 30 years in Alaska he now lives in the town where he was born. 

Visiting the Porcupine Mountains also known as the “Porkies” we saw large stands of old growth forest and intense fall colors. These mountains are home to many black bears.

Lake Of The Clouds

This is also where we found the stunning Lake Of The Clouds located in the heart of these mountains.

On Our Way Into Trader Joe’s In Minneapolis

Running low on specific and important provisions we decide to make a quick trip south to Minneapolis and the closest Trader Joe’s. It was our first visit to our favorite store since last winter.

During this side trip we witnessed one of the most spectacular and dramatic lightning storms we have ever seen in a city.

Bond Falls

Heading north again we came across the gorgeous Bond Lake and the nearby Bond falls. Campsites were remotely scattered around the lake making for a very private experience. The fall colors around the lake were outstanding.

Road To Our Campsite Near Bond Falls

Bond Lake and Falls are located on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River.
The lake holds muskies, smallmouth bass, yellow perch and black crappies, but its best known for its walleyes and northern pike, according to biologist Brian Gunderman.

Fall Colors Near Bond Lake
Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Visiting the Keewanau Peninsula and Copper Harbor, we camp at Fort Wilkins, an 1844 U.S. Army post built to keep peace between the unruly copper miners and the unhappy Indians.

The drive down the center of the Keewanau peninsula following Hwy 41 was one of most colorful drives we encountered.

Denise Enjoys A Famous Muldoon’s Pastie In Munising

After stopping in the lakeside college town of Marquette for a new windshield we moved east to Munising, Denise’s birthplace.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

We spend a week in Munising while Denise researched her family’s history in the local library and talking with some of the old timers. We wander the back roads photographing, visiting antique shops and buying firewood.

Lighthouse On Grand Island Near Munising

Just east of Munising is the spectacular Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The park offers towering multicolored sandstone cliffs, mile-long sparkling beach strands, miles of trails, dazzling waterfalls and a huge area of sand dunes.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

In Grand Marais we stayed at Woodland Park Campground located on the sandy shores of the great lake.

It is an end of the road town with beautiful summer homes and where the weekends are busy with ORV’s and Harley riders. Most of the action is centered around its brewery which serves outstanding craft beers and whitefish tacos.

New Friends Harry And Patty At The Lake Superior Brewing Co.

We had a great time talking with new found friends Harry and Patty from Alpena MI. They schooled us on all things Michigan.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

On our way to Sault Ste. Marie we camp at Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The Upper Falls, one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi, has a drop of nearly 50 feet and is more than 200 feet across. It is spectacular.

Boardwalk Near Tahquamenon Falls
Whitefish Point Lighthouse

At Whitefish Point Lighthouse we learn about the amazing history of the Coast Guard’s roll in saving lives during the hundreds of ship wrecks off this point.

At the shipwreck museum located nearby, we read the tragic story behind the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Denise climbs to to the top of the lighthouse and is rewarded with outstanding views of Whitefish Point.

Ships Bell Recovered From The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
Lighthouse Keeper In Whitefish Point Museum

Ending our Superior adventure in Sault Ste. Marie, we watch the giant iron ore freighters slowly move through the historic Soo Locks.

Every day and night for 160 years freighters, barges and tugboats have traversed the 21-foot drop between Lake Superior and Lake Huron. It is a sight to see.

Meeting Ron At The Mackinac Bridge

Just before crossing the Mackinac Bridge and departing the UP we cross paths with another good friend and neighbor from Denali, Ron.

Sunset On Lake Superior

Final Thoughts: Spending almost 4 weeks chasing fall colors along Lake Superior’s southern coast was a wonderful experience and one we will not soon forget.

Not only were we able to witness the famous fall color change first hand but we also got to meet the friendly “Yoopers” and better understand why they choose to live there.

But we also came to the realization that for us, traveling through this part of the country in the off season was an important point. The word boondocking has no meaning here and we couldn’t imagine this trip during the busy summer months.

Many of our Alaskan friends had migrated north from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. We now have a better understanding why they are so friendly and why they have adapted so well to the Alaskan environment.

Slip in the ear buds, crank up the surround sound, if you can watch it in 1080 HD but don’t miss our latest video “Superior Colors” 

Next we follow the warm weather south, destination unknown….keep you posted!

17 thoughts on “Superior Colors

  1. Here’s the Nic part of BlaNics… I’m running out of superlatives to use about your productions. Can’t even pick a favorite image. Such a team! I love the look on your face Denise, as you guys drove the Caboose down the kaleidoscope road…like you were a kid going on their first camping trip! And Tim…flying over the waterfall?? WOW
    All a lot of fun and surely many stories to share!


    1. Thanks Imkelina, just a big thumbs up is all we need but we certainly appreciate your kind words. Just spent 5 days at the Cumberland Gap NP very cool but it has been kind of damp. We now have tickets to see the Fabulous Thunderbirds in Mississippi…keep you posted.


  2. Thank you for sharing the Beauty that is right here in the United States. I hope to visit Northern Michigan. I originally from Wyandotte, and have visited up to the coast of Lake Huron, but I also know that Michigan has much more to see!!! Thank you again for taking the breathtaking pictures, and telling the “story”,.


  3. Tim and Denise it was good to hear and see from you again! What Beautiful colors and wonderful pictures and the video is perfect. I don’t how you get all this done and drive also! I have sent this to Joyce also and she always loves to see your work Tim. Hope to see you sometime later this year. My plans are to go to Busses by the Bridge and camp at Lake Havasu again. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the fall colors.
    Gert and Joyce.


    1. Thanks Gert it easy to make good video when you have someone like Denise operating the camera, not sure of our plans but we might see you at the BBB, hope its starting to cool down in your neck of the woods- Tim


  4. Those fall colors are radiant indeed and due to your skills at taking photos, you were able to bring us those vibrant colors with clarity. It is hard to fathom the size of Lake Superior…huge to say the least. And we have no doubt you two could make and/or find friends on a deserted island…thank goodness you both keep hidden how “shy” you are. We look forward to hearing more of your travels back to warmer weather. Cooler and wet weather is forecasted for us on the Central Coast. We are kinda grounded until Kiah recovers from her surgery…but knowing her, that will be brief. Safe travels dear friends!


    1. Thanks Mike it is extremely green and sometimes very wet in this neck of the woods, they have never heard of the word drought here. We have been following the colors south into the Great Smokies but…we are starting to dream about drying out the desert. Should be home for xmas. Sure hope Kiah’s recovery goes smoothly and she heals quickly so you guys can hit the road again soon.


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