This Way Again

This Way Again

Fall 2022

Enjoy our latest video, slip in the ear buds, sit back and watch it in 1080P for the most pleasurable experience.


After spending 7 1/2 months on the road last winter it was once again good to return to our Alaskan home.

We soon relaxed, reconnected with friends and retrieved Otis the cat from our good friends the Ebel’s.

A Mid Summer Hike to Zen lake

We spend our days gardening, servicing and upgrading our camper, taking long walks with Ruby and her dog buddies, BBQing and hanging out with our friends.

Ruby Enjoys Eating Fresh Blueberries

Our short summer season started out sunny, hot and dry then the rainy season arrived in August. This now seems to be the typical weather trend.

Ruby Plays With Her Best Friends Jasper And Ozzy
Tim Constructs A New Bike Rack For The Back of Our Rig
Denise Closely Monitors The Summer Tomato Crop
 Visiting Friends Beth And Elwood At Their Fantastic New Talkeetna Home
Long Time Friend and Denali Resident Jane, Now From Montana, Visits in Her Customized Van


Fall Colors Alaska Range
Fall Colors In The Alaska Range
Hansi And Jackie From Germany

We had several world traveling couples visit our home this summer that we had met in Baja during our travels last winter.

Hansi and Jackie were the first to arrive and are currently traveling around the world in their very nice Krug overland truck. 


Rainier And Elfi Also From Germany Travel In Their Self-Built Overlander

Next to arrive was Rainer and Elfi also traveling the world in their sweet MAN overland truck.

Soon Chris and Michelle arrived in their Earth Cruiser. We had traveled with them all over Baja last winter and had many great adventures while driving the back roads of that beautiful peninsula.

Remember here- Just-Got-To-Go

Hanging Out With Chris and Michelle
Chris and Michelle Dish Up Some Tasty Grub

All too soon fall arrived and it was time to head south again. By mid September we make the decision to depart early traveling with Chris and Michelle so we could experience the fall colors as we drive south through Alaska, Canada and the Northwest Territories. 

Travelers Ruby and Otis Enjoy Their Accommodations in the Cab of the Truck

Joining our travels this winter is 16 year old Otis the cat. He and Ruby are best friends and share new adventures each day,

Otis Discovers a New World

Otis has spent his entire life in Alaska so he will be experiencing some very different climates this winter.

Hiking Above Kluane Lake In The Yukon


The Earth Cruiser and the FARTHER Camped Along the Shores Of Kluane Lake Yukon


Sunset Along Kluane Lake


 Side Trip To Skagway, Alaska

Having never driven the Whitehorse to Skagway highway, we took a side trip to the coast to witness the fall colors from the inland boreal forests to the lush coastal rain forests.

The last time I had been in Skagway, in the late 80’s, my brother and I hiked the Chilkoot trail from Lake Bennett to Skagway and returning to Whitehorse via the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. At that time there was no Highway from Whitehorse to Skagway.

The White Pass and Yukon Railroad in the Late 80’s (Sam Taylor Photo)
Tim Applies the Emergency Brakes (Sam Taylor 1980’s Photo)

Next we drove a remote road 130 miles north of Watson Lake Yukon into the Northwest Territories. This took us deep into the wilderness where we came across very few people and enjoyed the isolation of Nahanni Provincial Park. Outstanding scenery even though we experienced snow one night. 

Start Of The 130 Mile One Way Wilderness Adventure (just the way we like it)
 Off the Beaten Track In The NWT Where Preparation Is Paramount
Hundreds Of Miles Of Wilderness North Of Watson Lake Yukon
Tim Skottles Up Some Dinner Along a Remote Yukon River


Warning Sign in Whitehorse Yukon

Next we drive through British Columbia to the US and the High Sierra…stay tuned

A Note From This Blogger:

This blog is evolving.

For some time now I have been troubled about how the worldwide web has affected and changed the way people travel. 

With the advent of the giant Boeing 747 in the 70’s and 80’s and cheap air tickets, millions of awe inspiring online photos and the freedom to go anywhere and whenever you want, world travel has grown exponentially. 

Because of the ever increasing numbers of social media sites, Youtube, Instagram, travel apps and the millions of travel bloggers no place seems to be sacred, remote or special anymore, many beautiful places are becoming overrun and overused.

I feel I have been contributing to this problem and have been struggling with whether I should continue to blog. My problem is I really enjoy the process of writing and creating videos.

In the beginning my blogging intentions were to keep our families informed of our whereabouts and to capture for them a written and visual documentation of our life on the road.

Additionally my goals were to keep a record of these adventures so that when the time comes and we are no longer on the road we would be able to look back and reminisce about the good times we had with family and friends around the world. 

But with that said the primary audience for this website is myself; it is a means to store some of the memories of the trips we have made against the ravages of time and memory loss. 

I would therefore not classify this website as a blog and I have no aim to sensationalize our experiences or market or promote myself in any way. 

I am however happy to share experiences with those who have a real interest in the world around them yet not to the detriment, harm or overuse of the worlds wild places. 

So I will to continue this blog but will no longer expound on exact locations, campsites, routes or destinations. I will remove all metadata from our photos and not add any comments or reviews within travel apps.

My goal is to continue to broadly highlight our travels but leave a little mystery about how we found some of the unique and special places we come across. 

In some cases this will be hard to do but I will do my best to keep it vague.

Now is the time to remember our future is not digital, it is biological. Please remember “take only memories and leave only footprints”. 

“Adventure is a word that get’s over-used, to me real adventure doesn’t start until it all goes wrong”- Yvon Chouinard

The Taylors At Home On The Road

28 thoughts on “This Way Again

  1. Hi Tim & Denise! I was extremely happy to see a new blog from you in my inbox! I missed seeing them! I just love all the beautiful pictures and the music that goes with them! Would do love to catch up to you guys sometime again, you are always in my thoughts! Greetings from MI! Adventures await you in the wild!!!


  2. You two are amazing. While others dream of that your are doing, very few do it. One day I hope to be able to meet both of you. Safe travels in 2023 and beyond.
    John Motsko


    1. I’m fortunate to have followed Mark and Phyllis as they moved around with their park jobs. They often talk about their wonderful friends., especially you two. Now at 78 and widowed, I wish I had done more of what you two did with your lives lives. I guess we all make choices in our lives; fortunately I have no regrets with my choices. I’ll keep dreaming and spending as much time outdoors as I can


  3. I loved your “Notes from this blogger” I think you hit the nail on the head and appreciate that you still post your travels.


  4. Oh it’s wonderful to see you pop into my inbox. My goodness, earth is spectacularly beautiful. Please don’t stop blogging, writing, creating, filming…’s you, the both of you. You two are inspirational.

    “Without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. One day it will be too late.”
    –Ghosh to Ashoke, in Jhumpa Lahiri’s, The Namesake, (2004)


      1. Thank you Denise for the invite. If I get back up there I would love to see you both. Keep the beautiful videos and still’s coming. Love them all!
        Love Chris


  5. I’ve missed seeing these, and continue to appreciate your skills in capturing the essence of your travels. I support your decision to not include specifics on your routes, camping sites, etc. It’s crazy that people want to go exactly where others have and replicate images, etc that others have taken. No sense of the adventure that you have sought (and found) during your travels. Miss you both!


  6. As usual, we enjoyed your share! Especially enjoyed seeing photos of Otis and Ruby together. They do indeed look like good buddies. Denise, those radishes in the video were incredible! Tim, enjoyed your reflections about how your blog has evolved and why. Our futures are biological! Love, Kay Lynn, David, and Aonghas We look forward to seeing you as you re-enter Alaska.


    1. Thanks Kay Lynn, it was a fun summer and drive south, sorry we missed you guys when we passed through Tok, looking forward to our spring visit with you guys so Ruby and Aonghas can play together!!


  7. Your post brought back so many wonderful memories of our trip through Canada and Alaska. Our favorite part was the side journey from Whitehorse to Skagway, over to Haines, and then Highway 3 back to Haines Junction. What amazing country. Thank you for the memories. PS we agree with your vague descriptions.


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