Thanksgiving In The Rockies

It is Thanksgiving and we are in the Rockies!


That’s the Canadian Thanksgiving and we are in the Canadian Rockies

In Case You Were Wondering: Thanksgiving (French: Action de grâce), or Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’action de grâce) is also an annual Canadian holiday, occurring on the second Monday in October, which celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6, 1879, when Parliament declared a national day of thanksgiving.

 From Prince George we proceeded south east into Mt Robson Provincial Park at the northern end of the Rockies. Miles and miles of ancient forests, long straightaways and very light traffic made for easy traveling.

Mt. Robson
Mt. Robson With Its Summit In The Clouds

We took a short side trip into the historic railroad town of Dunster where we visited the Dunster general store and its historic railway station, both a step back in time.

While visiting the Mt Robson visitor center we got a hot tip about a great restaurant at the Tete Juane RV park on the banks of the Fraser River.

Upon arrival we found an ideallic setting where the dogs could run free and at full speed along the river banks and across the vibrant green lawns.

Historic Hudson Bay Trading Post Now Restaurant

We ate dinner in the historic Hudson Bay trading post which has been completely restored and is now a fantastic restaurant with a killer view.

Bill the chief spoke with a heavy French Canadian accent that made for especially entertaining stories about life on the river during the turn of the century.  We had a wonderful meal while watching the Fraser flow past the window in the evening light.

Fraser River
900 Mile Long Fraser River Within 30 Miles Of Its Head Waters

In 1974 we had hiked to the beautiful Kinney Lake at the base of Mt. Robson. We felt it would be fitting to hike it again but this time with the pups.

The trail follows the Robson River all the way to the lake with several falls and silt green rapids along the way.

Our video below captures some the pristine forests and its pure waters.

Walking through dense Western Hemlock and Cedar forests made for some very enjoyable hiking and spectacular photography. 

We had forgotten how beautiful Kinney Lake was and needless to say the dogs were in Heaven.

Unfortunately the weather had been overcast and the summit of Mt. Robson was hidden but regardless the view across the lake was spectacular.

Along Trail To Kinney Lake
Along Trail To Kinney Lake
Kinney Lake
Kinney Lake

Our next destination was Jasper National Park just a short hop up the road to about 4000 ft. The only campground open was Whistler where we ran into our good friends Beth and Elwood. They pulled up behind us at the front gate, what a surprise!  The campground has 787 sites!

Since it was a 3 day holiday weekend the town, the trails and trail heads were all packed with holiday celebrators. It was very busy.

Whistle Campground Jasper
Whistler Campground Jasper

Beth and Elwood are ultimately headed to Utah to ride their fat tired Mt. bikes across the desert in Canyon Lands National Park for 5 days.

Elwood And Beth Training Jasper
Elwood And Beth Training Hard In Jasper

We spent 3 fun evenings sitting around the campfire tasting wine and catching up. During the day they rode the local trails training for the desert and we hiked the local trails enjoying the wonderful alpine scenery.

View Of Lake #3 On The Five Lakes Trail
Red Chair View Of Lake #3 On The Upper Five Lakes Trail

Denise hiked the five lakes trail (more info on the red chairs later) and I walked into the high country to visit my old flame Edith Cavell.


Jasper is an interesting town with a long history of fur trading, tourism and amazing railroads. We enjoyed its outdoorsy feel and beautiful location.

Downtown Jasper
Bad News In Downtown Jasper
Dinner Out In Jasper
Turkey Dinner In Jasper

Next we drive the ice fields Parkway towards Lake Louise and Banff.

The adventure continues…..

Keep you posted!

13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving In The Rockies

  1. Great Pictures and Video – I especially love the Picture of “No WiFI”!!!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop and it always wants me to get the Roadtrek out. I did make a short trip to Portland, OR to pick up another Toy for me to play with – a 1958 Rambler American. Used the RT to pull trailer and I had a great week of travel and camping. Gert


      1. Oh, yes it is very drive able. It only has 86K miles on it and came out of a Museum from in Seattle, WA and I was able to purchase it from Memory Lane Motors in Portland, OR which I have known for years. If I can figure out how to attach a picture I will send you some. Can’t seem to figure it out will try regular e-mail. Gert


  2. Hello Denise, Tim & Pups! Thank you for the continued “blob”–as your mother would say– updates. I love seeing all the beautiful places that you are traveling to. Keep them coming and safe travels!!


  3. What a lovely post. Robson was my Mom’s maiden name. Thought of her as I watched the videos. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. Wow, good to see what a wonderfull World we have. Thank You for the Report of your Trip. Greetings from the Bodensee. Achim


  5. How fun to see everyone together! Short wants to remind you that is was Canadian Thanksgiving many many years ago that you waved goodbye to us at Prince Rupert in your freshly painted VW bus while we sat by the side of the road with a broken timing belt . Still rolling we just completed six weeks in the great southwest national parks and monuments..sitting in Ventura headed for your old friends at the outlet store 😀


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