Down The Road

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In this post we travel over 2000 miles continuing our adventure south through Canada and down into the western USA towards Mexico.

Peace River Valley Soon To Be Flooded By The Site C Dam, British Columbia

Over the years we have driven most all the routes between Alaska and the lower 48 states more times than we can count.

Chris, Sam, Lemon and Denise Take A Break  1974

Lunch Along The Pine River Near Chetwynd, BC

We never get tired of wandering around British Columbia, it has to be one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse places in North America and we always enjoy our time here.

Traveling The Alaska Hwy In 1976 In Our 1958 Converted School Bus
Sunset Lac La Hache Provincial Park, BC

Like most long term travelers we have our favorite camps along each route. With our self imposed standard of staying away from overnight freezing temperatures we must balance our southbound progress between slow enough to enjoy each mile to moving fast enough to stay ahead of slick roads. Keeping this balance can sometimes become a challenge.

Onboard The Ferry From Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, WA

By the time we cross back into the USA at Sumas, WA, we realize we have been traveling in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and British Columbia for over a month. Time flies when you are having fun.

View Of Puget Sound From Anacortes, WA

Weather forecasts indicate nice weather along the coast so we decide to head west and visit as many friends as time and weather  allows in Washington and Central Oregon.

Visting Pat, Urs, Rick and Jan in La Conner Washington

Just over the Canadian US border we stay with good friends Dave and Elvy Schmoker, two very talented artists. Their home and shop are filled with their extraordinary art work.

We also visit long time friend Susan Boudreau in Sequim and her beautiful red 1967 VW bug

Then it is off to visit friends Rick, Jan, Pat and Ursula In La Conner, northern Washington. They live in the very historic and artistic town of La Conner where we enjoyed a great meal with them and wandered the downtown historic district.

Lauralee in Front Of Her Workshop in Sequim, WA

Next we head for the Olympic Peninsula to visit more Denali Park friends, Lauralee in Sequim and Diane and Cider in Port Angeles.

Visting Diane and Cider In Port Angeles

We had not driven around the Olympic Peninsula in probably 30 years so off we go. Ruby had a blast running like crazy on the fog shrouded beaches.

Remote Beach, Olympic NP

We hike on the very remote beaches of the Olympic rain forests and camped in the very green and lush Olympic Peninsula

Bridge To The Beach Olympic NP
Crescent Lake Olympic NP
 Hiking Along The Forks River

Then it’s inland to Eastern Oregon to visit our good friends Mark and Phyllis in Powell Butte.

Camping Along The Crooked River 

This a much anticipated stop for us where we find best friends, relaxation, sample tasty liquors, savor Mark and Mike’s perfectly grilled meats and reminisce about our days working together for the Park Service.

Group Camp At Fort Motsko

During this visit we had Ruby spayed at a local vet and she recovered smoothly.

During this period other good friends Micheal and Imkelina and their doggy Kiah arrived from the coast. This fun reunion turned into a party that lasted to the wee hours of 9:00pm.

Happy Ladies At Fort Motsko
Partying On The Patio At Fort Motsko

Southbound again on Hwy 395 our pace quickened as the nighttime temps again dipped below freezing.

Tablelands Camp Above Bishop, CA

Eventually we find warmth again near Lee Vining, Calif and spend several days camping and wandering around Mono Lake and hike around the historic Mono Mills.

Twin Lakes above Bridgeport, CA

Not long after we again drop to lower elevations at Bishop, Calif. We spend a week camped just west of Bishop hiking and relaxing in the wonderful Buttermilks. 

Camp Near Bishop, CA
Laws Railroad Museum Bishop, CA
Sunrise Near Buttermilk Camp

Eventually the temps cooled again and we decide to head further south into Mojave National Park. We spent a week camped in that wonderful desert landscape where we hiked to remote springs and followed historic trails.

Camp Spot Mojave NP
Soaking In The Evening Light Mojave NP

Ruby and Denise Enjoy The Low Light.  Mojave NP
Evening Fire Mojave NP

With trepidation we time our re-entry into the teaming masses and head for my sister’s house in Ventura, CA for Thanksgiving. It was a fun filled day hanging with family, eating outstanding food and enjoying the very nice weather.

Thanksgiving In Ventura, CA
Flower Harvest At My Sisters House In Ventura During Thanksgiving
A Very Happy Dog

Next it is off to new adventures in AZ…stay tuned

Remember …….It’s not about the shoes, it’s about what you do in them

26 thoughts on “Down The Road

  1. I love the comment adventure before dementia. Know you guys are enjoying your adventure. Ruby is a delight. Love Chidgeys


      1. Sure hope so. Always love a smiling dog. Ruby is a treasure. 

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  2. You two live a life now that most of us only dream of. Good for you. I know Mark and Phyllis are wishing they could join you in Mexico.
    Safe travels


  3. As usual, thoroughly enjoyed your blog and video. The colors were spectacular…..of course, I’m used to a very white world right now with all of our snow – ha! Fun to see Otis hiking along with Ruby and exploring along the route too. Ruby makes me smile with her tail wags and joyful romps. Looks as if you visited with lots of friends along the route too! Fun to see the photos. Also love the photo of you both in 1976 with the green bus!


    1. Thanks Kay lynn, Ruby and Otis are having a great time together. Currently we are living on a beach where we can just let Ruby out in the morning and she has the run of the beach. She plays with several other dog buddies and then comes in before it gets to hot. Then after an afternoon nap its back out until dark, I don’t think she will ever be the same….Thanks for following us, Hi to Dave!


      1. Oh my! SO glad that Ruby is leading such a delightful life. What fun it must be to watch her as she enjoys her beach and dog buddies! I can just imagine. Looking forward to seeing you three and for Aonghas and Ruby to get to play together when you return to Alaska. He’s enjoying the snow, but he misses playmate buddies.


  4. Fantastic as always. You two never age out of adventure. And, Tim, when you were in Bishop, did you se if Gallen Rowell’s gallery was still there?


    1. Thanks Tom, we’re just trying to stay out front of life… adventure before dementia!
      Unfortunately Galen’s gallery is no longer, his family sold the building a few years ago. It was one of our routine stops for many years and meeting him they’re back in the 90’s was fun. Thanks for following the Big Dogs!!


  5. Thanks for sharing – always look forward to these artistic masterpieces, even if the do breed green birds of envy that sit firmly on our shoulders!


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