Summer Of Celebration

Good To Be Home With Otis The Cat

It was quite a summer. Upon returning in May to our home in Denali we were immediately reminded of the responsibilities and work associated with living in a sticks and bricks setting.

First Flowers Of Spring The Pasque Flower

After 7 months of freely wandering the back roads of America and Canada the return to a stationary life style is always a major switch for us but one that we have become very adapted to and that we now cherish.

Spring In The Alaska Range

There are many solid reasons why one would want to live on the road full time but there are also many good reasons why living in one place for 6 months is worthwhile, especially for us.

Wildlife In Denise’s Garden

Just like everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages to any lifestyle. For us this recurring seasonal cycle is one that fits our personalities and feeds our wanderlust best.

Zen Lake Spring Hike

Some advantages to our stationary home:

  • -Enough time to grow a garden
  • -Access to garage full of tools
  • -Flowers to grow and display
  • -The joy of maintaining a green lawn for the big dogs
  • -BBQing and hanging with old friends
  • -Picking fresh blueberries for pies
  • -Spending quality time with our cat Otis
  • -Staying off the highway during the tourist season
Taylor Basecamp

Some disadvantages:

– A bigger home to clean
– Never ending minor home maintenance and repair projects
– Secondary vehicles to maintain and repair
– Motorhome repairs or upgrades to be completed prior to departure.

Denise’s Radish Crop Was Very Successful This Summer

From my perspective life is always better when one has the capacity to daydream and plan for an upcoming season, whether it be a summer or winter dream.

A Summer Storm Approaches

I find that the mental activity of planning and scheming that takes place while on the road or sitting in ones living room, is the kind of stimulation that keeps one young.

Flowering Kale And Calendula

It is healthy for my psyche to maintain a wide vision of the road ahead, to strategize and examine the optional paths one might take to find that proverbial destination.

In most cases we never plan to the extent of plotting a schedule of nightly camps or deciding how many miles we need to drive each day, most times we just wing it.

Pre-planned travel would most likely end with disappointment for us and certainly remove the serendipity and discovery of the unexpected

Alaskan Garden Delights

Flexibility and the desire to explore new places is paramount in keeping ones travels exciting and adventurous.

But for some travelers the ability to change plans mid stream or as conditions change is not an easy thing, it can take practice.

LuLu Relaxes

Whether it be a new destination or a creative project that one anticipates it can inspire a longing to hit the road or invigorate ones creative juices.

The time we split between living on the road and living at home seems to be great a balance of the good things in life that always leaves me yearning for that upcoming change.

Plentiful Tomatoes This Summer From Denise’s Greenhouse

This summer at Taylor Base Camp activities were many and included projects such as greenhouse upgrades, motorhome upgrades, finding the parts needed to fabricate a meat smoker and celebrating Denali National Park’s 100th birthday.

Old friends both retired and former employees of Denali came from far and wide to take part in a few days of celebration centered around the park.

There were meet and greets, potlucks, bus rides into the park, speeches and reunion parties with music to dance to.

Basecamp Group Photo

Along with all that was going on around the park we had our own merrymaking at basecamp almost nightly.

Afternoons and evenings were spent visiting with old friends around the fire pit reminiscing about life in the park in the old days and how things used to be, it was all great fun.

Throughout the week it was everyone laughing together while harvesting fresh greenhouse salad fixings, slicing juicy smoked brisket, BBQing, uncorking bottles of vintage wines and pouring Tin Cup late into the evenings.

We all enjoyed one common thread, the great people we worked with and the great times we all had while working in one of America’s premier National Parks.

We also had Bernese Mt dog friends stop at basecamp this summer. Good friends Kay Lynn and David from Tok Alaska brought there two sweet pups Gretta and Iorek to visit. High times were had by all.

Good Friends From Tok Kay Lynn and David Visited

Ron and Kristi from Fairbanks also stopped by with their 5 pups in route to an Anchorage dog show. All 7 dogs had great fun romping in our dog yard.

Visiting On The Berner Couch

All too soon fall arrived and it was again time to start shutting down basecamp and begin packing the Zefyr for our winter travel adventures.

I could get used to this routine…

LuLu Catches A Nap On Her Couch
Watching The Eclipse

Don’t miss our latest video “Summer Of Celebration”



Next we plan on heading down the Alaska Hwy and east to the midwest to catch the fall colors, but remember our plans can and will change at any time, expect the unexpected.  It’s a good life!

Stay tuned! Keep you posted!

13 thoughts on “Summer Of Celebration

  1. Finally some decent cell service to catch up on “stuff”. Saying farewell to Eastern Sierra’s and heading home. Beautiful photos. Stunning color spots highlight your basecamp and your gardens are amazingly bountiful in such a short period of time. That 24/7 sunlight is magic. Splitting the year between the homebody and gypsy lifestyle fit you all well…and you do it so flawlessly. Safe travels back east and we hope to catch up with you both and the kids when you are back west.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, it was a great summer and one you guys need to experience some time:-)
      Sounds like the eastern side of the Sierras was a delight. We are currently exploring the colorful back roads of Michigan and having a great time. Hope all is well with you guys and your weather has cooled!


  2. Your blog topic came at just the right time. Dick and I have been struggling with the home vs. travel thing for a while and we love your perspective on the question. Your positive attitude about both is encouraging. We have been focused on the negative…when it is time to travel we don’t want to leave home, but when it is time to go home we don’t want to stop traveling. Thank you for showing the positive of both. Enjoy your trip down to the lower 48 and your exploration of the center part of the country, The Fall colors are beautiful If you have not been there, be sure to take in the Northeast at some point in your travels. Nothing can beat the colors there.


  3. Hi Denise and Tim – what a wonderful story and pictures. Love the Dogs and miss them. Those are the largest radishes I have ever seen and those tomatoes are die for. Hope to see you at Lake Havasu City in Jan 18. Just completed a 10 day trip with Jim Kaufmann in the area of Mesa Verde – we covered NM, CO, UT and AZ. Did lots of hiking and trail bicycle riding. The 1914 Model T Restoration is continuing with the body having been completed and now I am doing the engine. Hope to have it running early next year. Remember the Gehlhaar KOA is always open. Greetings from Gert and Joyce.


    1. Thanks Gert it was a very fun summer. Sounds like you and Jim had a great time in the west, your model T project looks fantastic. We hope to see you guys sometime this winter, your wonderful KOA is always high on our list of places to hang, we will stay in touch. Hi to Joyce


  4. Awesome and it sure looked like a good time was had by one and all! Safe travels to the lower 48 and looking forward to seeing and reading about your next adventures!


    1. Hi Phil thanks for following the big dogs, we missed you guys at the reunion this summer, it was a great time. Currently we are in the midwest searching for fall colors but will slowly return west as the temps drop. Hope you and yours are doing well Hi to Suann!


  5. Thanks you two for words of inspiration and wisdom, travelling and friends are your passion. We have been fortunate having both of you as friends. Enjoy the fall colors, they are magical!


    1. Mark since you and Phyllis were some of our first fringe clients you already know, understand and follow our travel mantras, you have come a long ways. It was a fun summer and in a big way visiting with you guys was the highlight. Thanks for staying with us our door is always open (except sept-april) 🙂


  6. This is so great! Thanks for keeping us posted!

    On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 6:07 PM Gone With The Dogs wrote:

    > gonewiththedogs posted: ” It was quite a summer. Upon returning in May to > our home in Denali we were immediately reminded of the responsibilities and > work associated with living in a sticks and bricks setting. After 7 months > of freely wandering the back roads of America” >


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