Summer In Denali

June has come and gone and we had a blast. This post is late due to the fact that we have been very busy having way to much fun.

Wildflowers Are In Full Bloom
Wildflowers Are In Full Bloom

Below are just some of the highlights of this months activities.

June means the vegetation has now greened up and the wild flowers are beautiful. The weather has been fabulous and Denise has finished planting her garden and her spectacular  flower pots.

I plan an upcoming post about her flowers and basecamp itself.


We have had many new visitors this month.  Chris and Cherie, those high tech gurus that educate us so well at, visited us for a few days and we learned a lot from them. They enjoyed themselves while wandering around the park, hiking the local trails, river rafting and generally relaxing.

Jason and Kristen,, also stayed with us moochdocking in the yard. These folks also have their fingers on the pulse of the fast passed digital world. It was great to pick their brains about the latest, greatest and the future of high tech.

Their lovable puppies had fun running and frolicking in the middle of the airstrip, between take offs and landings of course.

They all went rafting down the Nenana River one evening and had a great time. Please see our newest video for more whitewater action.

Chris, Cherie, Jason and Kristen Go River Rafting
Kristen, Jason, Chris and Cherie Go River Rafting
Kristen and Jason Snow
Kristen and Jason Snow and Very Life Like Dashboard Bobble Heads


It was great fun getting to know these folks and we look forward to hanging with them again sometime this winter

Road Trip- In late May early June I finished rebuilding my 1969 Karmann Ghia and took it on an 800 mile road trip. My route took me in a loop, “The Grand Loop” as I call it, following the Parks, the Richardson and the Glen Hwys.

I met my brother Sam and his family in Pippin Lake (near Copper Center) and then caravanned together to Anchorage  for the 10th annual Volkswagen Family Reunion.

See the video below for road trip action

We experienced glorious weather (70 and 80 degrees) for the entire trip and the top was down on the Ghia for all of it. Sam had just finished restoring his beautiful 1967 VW and it was ready to go.

1969 VW Karmann Ghia With 1964 356 Porsche Engine Ready to Go

Finished 1969 VW Karmann Ghia With 1964 356 Porsche Engine

Hanging With Brother Sam At The VW Family Reunion Anchorage
Hanging With Brother Sam At The VW Family Reunion Anchorage

This month I have been spending time with my good friend Brad Ebel while he fly fishes his secret locations around the state.  He is very good at making his own fly’s and delicately presenting them to the fish.  Expect an upcoming video dedicated to Brads fishing talents. 

See this months video to witness some of Brad’s fishing action.

Brad Ebel Fly Fishes For Rainbow Trout
Brad Ebel Fly Fishes For Rainbow Trout

Taylor basecamp has become a regular Bernese Mt. dog rest stop since we are conveniently situated between Anchorage and Fairbanks. When our dog friends pass by they stop to let the their pups take a break. LuLu and Tuks think this is great fun and a good time is had by all.

Recently our friends Kristie and Ron (Tuk’s breeder’s from Fairbanks) stopped by with their new puppy Katia, she is very cute to say the least (see new video for a closer glimpse of her)

Berner Dog Fun In The Back Yard
Five Berner Dogs having Fun In The Back Yard

Another of the highlights of summer here at basecamp is getting together with friends and BBQing. This month has been no exception with fantastic weather, great friends, good food and lively music. Fun In The Pit

Fun At The Fire Pit

Shorty and Tim Blend In
Shorty and Tim Trying To Blend In

Again these are just some of the highlights of June. July should be equally busy and exciting….stay tuned

Below is our latest short video. Be sure to watch it in HD 1080 for best picture quality.

The tempo of the video matches the frenetic pace of this months activities.

        Crank up the volume and enjoy!

July should also be a fire cracker of a month ! Keep you posted!

11 thoughts on “Summer In Denali

  1. Oh what a lovely post and super fun video.. we had such a fantastic time hanging at Taylor Base Camp and getting to know Lulu & Tux and their servants better! Thank you again for sharing your magical place with us, and so looking forward to our next rendezvous!


  2. Loved it all, especially your Berners….tear in my eye and lump in my throat – lost mine last year and seeing yours brought back great memories.


    1. Linda,
      Thanks for your nice comments. Sorry for your loss, we competrly understand your grief as we have had several Berners over the years and there’s nothing worse than when One passes.
      Thanks for subscribing to our blog we will hitting the road again in couple months so stay tuned.
      Luckly our pups love to travel.


  3. Thank you guys again so much for hosting us and the pictures and video so we can remember it fondly forever! We had such a lovely time there at your beautiful property and can’t wait until our paths cross again. Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see what kind of shenanigans we can get into this winter in the southwest!! ~ Kristin and Jason


  4. Great seeing some familiar faces! Hopefully we can come and visit sometime. The car looks absolutely fantastic! Miss you both and thanks for the another great blog post!


    1. We miss you guys too but it’s good we all don’t work in the park anymore….lots of stress there.
      You guys are welcome to come visit anytime, spare bedroom and transportation avaibale.
      My 94 year old mom will be here late this month, should be fun!

      Hope the great northwest is keeping you entertained, maybe see you this winter



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