On Our Way to the Okanagan Valley

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As we travel south we are slowly shedding our clothing. We lost our long johns at Liard River Hot Springs, we stopped wearing socks yesterday and it starting to look like t-shirt and shorts weather tomorrow. It actually hit +65 at mid day today as we passed through Cashe Creek.

We are currently camped along the Thompson River at Juniper Beach Provincial Park 30 miles west of Kamloops BC. Its a quiet little spot with sites adjoining the rivers edge and great steelhead fishing if that’s what blows your hair back. It’s fall and there’s hardly anyone camped here.

Both the CN and CP railroads have tracks either on side of the river. There seems to be a train every 30-45 minutes or so ….I’m in hog heaven Denise on the other hand …….
The dogs can swim in the river and the Scottish campground hosts are very energized and informative folks.

Our current goal is the annual fall wine festival in the Okanagon valley but we may be delayed by this place. Were are now in the Canadian high desert with sage and scattered pines. Denise says we need to unwind a little and just sit in SHADE for a while 🙂

It reached +75 today and we put the awning and shade cloth up. The pups were very hot and so were we. We sat out as the evening cooled BBQ’ed some chicken and toasted our good fortune to be here.

The first time we visited the Okanagan valley was in the summer of 1977. We were on our way back to Alaska just after just hiking 900 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. My sister Teresa was riding in the back of our vw van with no windows on her first trip to Alaska.

We stopped and swam in the lake and ate the fabulous fruit the valley produces. This was well before the area became famous as a grape growing mecca.

Tomorrow we will stop in Kamloops to re supply, maybe get the 10,000 mile service done on the motorhome and hit the visitor center then off to Kelowna for some wine tasting.

Keep you posted……

3 thoughts on “On Our Way to the Okanagan Valley

  1. Hi guys,

    Love the part about steelheads blowing your hair back! If only I had enough hair! The wine festival sounds like a kick in the pants! Safe travels.


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