” I Just Got To Go “

This post is episode 2 of our Wandering Baja series and concludes our adventures in Baja during the winter of 2022.

As usual the people of Mexico were incredibly warm, helpful and very happy to see us. It was an extremely enjoyable and memorable trip. 

We met new friends and traveled with old friends making for a relaxed and fun time.

Crank Up the volume and ENJOY!!


Below is a series of old photos from some of our past trips below the border in the 80’s and 90’sDeparting Punta Arenas for Loreto 90 miles south, 1992


Assembling our Klepper Kayak near Loreto, 1990

Overlooking Mulege 1992

Denise finds an Osprey nest off-shore near Coyote beach, 1987

Surfing Baja in 1968 south of Ensenada


5 thoughts on “” I Just Got To Go “

  1. Wonderful – I was singing along with James Taylor….and thoroughly enjoyed the video as well as the photos from earlier trips to Mexico. Ruby does great “dirt work” and panting! Ha. She looks so happy, and it looks as if she’s getting all kinds of wonderful socialization. Anxious to have my hands all over her again.


    1. Hi Kay Lynn, glad you are enjoying our adventures, Baja was a great time and Ruby LOVED the beaches especially when there were young cows to chase :-). We are currently in Oregon dragging our feet waiting for Alaska’s snow pac to melt a little more. We will keep you posted as we progress north.


  2. Hi Tim & Denise! I love to watch your adventures! Someday soon also would love to meet up with you again! Are you heading back home? I haven’t been on an adventure since Feb 2020! Parked at home! Lol Had pneumonia this past winter, in the hospital for 5 days. Took me 2 months to come back and started going crazy busy again now. 🥰


    1. Hi Patti, good to hear from you, so sorry to hear about your pneumonia last winter, glad your back to busy again. Yes Baja was a blast and we are now in Oregon and on our spring migration north for the summer. Keep in touch and enjoy your summer and thanks for following gone with the dogs!!


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