Mid Summer Delights

Above Is The Fabulous Quilt Depicting Mt. McKinley Designed and Constructed by Denali Artist Ree Nancarrow. It Is On Permanent Display In The Eielson Visitor Center Within Denali National Park

Taylor Basecamp is situated at about 1700 ft. elevation and located in the middle of the Alaska Range about 80 air miles from the summit of Mt. McKinley. 

Even though this doesn’t sound very high compared to the summit of Mt. Mckinley at over 20,000 ft, living this far north makes for a very short summer season. Tree line is just above camp at about 2500 ft.

The month of July typically provides warm summer days, occasional cooling rain showers and long daylight hours (sometimes filled with forest fire smoke). This July we have been lucky with these almost perfect weather  combinations.

This can all make for a just-right growing environment which produces an explosion of  wild flowers and vivid green throughout the high country. 

Cotton Grass
Cotton Grass
Tux Enjoys The Green
Tux Enjoys The Green
Denali Park Road
Denali Park Road

Even though we have occasionally experienced snow storms on the 4th of July, this is definitely our favorite month.  

This summer we have decided to stay closer to home due to 2015 being the busiest road construction season ever on Alaska’s road system. Waiting in long traffic delays in long lines of  motorhomes and tour buses is not something we desire. 

Busiest Highway. Construction Year Ever In Alaska
2015 Is The Busiest Highway Construction Year Ever In Alaska
Mt. McKinley, Alaska
Fireweed and Mt. McKinley
Gray Jay At Feeding Station
Denise’s Flowers Have Been Stunning

DSC03715 Life in camp has been delightful. We spend our afternoons sitting on the back deck enjoying the great weather,  grilling our garden fresh veggie’s and meats while sipping cool beverages and visiting with friends.

Relaxation Zone
Relaxation Zone

DSC04382The stellar weather has also made for fantastic gardening.

Denise has been harvesting her garden for the past several weeks now.

The garden been producing fresh lettuce, kale, carrots, swiss chard, cucumbers, several types of tomatoes, yellow squash, peas, green and red cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. This bounty allows her to construct her fabulous SUPER salads almost every night….great eating!

Basecamp Carrots
Basecamp Carrots

Even though it is short we love Alaska in the summer.

Recently I have taken to following my good friend and colleague Mr. Ebel around the state as he fly fishes his favorite Alaskan creeks.

We have had a great time wading through trout and salmon filled streams, enjoying the fabulous scenery and glorious weather.

Don’t miss this months feature video “Mr. Ebel Goes Fishing”

Be sure to crank up the volume and view it in HD 1080

In August we will continue to lose daylight and the average temps will slowly begin to cool.

The bad news is.. winter is not too far off, the good news is… the fall colors and blueberry picking should be fantastic….stay tuned

Keep you posted……

9 thoughts on “Mid Summer Delights

  1. summer delights indeed. Your flowers are beautiful and the abundance of crops you get in just those short months is awesome! Super salads sound quite yummy. I can think of a few wines that would accompany them well. As always, your video and pictures are stunning. hugs to you all – Imkelina


    1. thanks Imkelina! Denise is currently potting this years crops, we had 80 degrees on Sunday and snow on Tuesday it is a wild ride up here. We are testing several different grape vintages as we speak, keep you posted on the results. Thanks for the nice comments, Tim


  2. Excellent, Tim! Beautiful film work, editing and music! And thanks for making me look good by not including the numerous bad casts, tangles, snags and backcast brush snarls. It was way fun to be out there fishing with you.


  3. As you have for many years, you and Brad make a great team! We miss you’all! Honestly Tim, your videography is outstanding! I loved the above and below water scenes. Watching Brad and his natural fish finder land those fish was great! Thanks for continuing to share your adventures and please tell Brad we said “Hi” when you see him again. I could watch your videos all night long! Tell Denise those veggies look so good and we send big hugs from the Lake of Crater! Hope to see ya’s this winter.


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