Winter Solstice in The Desert

Its Dec 21, 2014.
This date is very important to us for many reasons.
We are about half way through our 6 month winter sojourn, we have successfully missed the darkest day of the year in Alaska and 41 years ago we were married in Anchorage!

Its hard to believe all the things we have done and experienced during the last 41 years together. We consider ourselves very lucky to have lived this lifestyle for so long.

This winter we have become very enamored with our new mobile style of living and traveling without deadlines. Having the time to relax and enjoy wherever we want is a wonderful thing.

Possibly the only drawback is time and the limit of our imaginations. As we plan future adventures we realize that we could not possibly accomplish all of the items on our “to do” list in this lifetime….but we will certainly give it a hell of a try!!

A few highlights of our wonderful life together so far…..

Living in a Converted School Bus of 18 Years Denali 1980's
Living in a Converted School Bus for 18 Years
Denali 1980’s
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail 1977
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail 1977
Trekking the South Island of New Zealand 1981
Trekking the South Island of New Zealand 1981
Spending Christmas on the Sea Of Cortez  Baja 1991
Spending Christmas on the Sea Of Cortez Baja
Mt. Biking New Zealand
Mt. Biking New Zealand
Sea Kayaking the Sea Of Cortez 1991
Sea Kayaking the Sea Of Cortez 1991
Adventures in India 1980's
Adventures in India
Travels in Tibet and Nepal 1986
Travels in Tibet and Nepal
Living and Loving Big Dogs
Living With and Loving Big Dogs

Today we celebrate in the California desert with a BBQ, bonfire and some red wine and enjoy our last days before heading home for Christmas to be with family. We have had a blast boondocking in Anza Borrego and we look forward to meeting our new friends sometime in the near future.

Happy Holidays to our family and our friends, old and new !

Tim, Denise, LuLu and Tuks

Some final photos around Borrego….

Desert Storm Clouds
Desert Storm Clouds
Big Dogs Ride in the Cabose
Big Dogs Ride in the Cabose
Metal Art Near Borrego Springs By Ricardo Breceda
Metal Art Near Borrego Springs By Ricardo Breceda




13 thoughts on “Winter Solstice in The Desert

  1. Congratulations on 41 years!!! And love that you travel with big dogs!! We have 2 Labs and a newfie in a 40′ rig. Just starting out. Hopefully someday we will meet!!


    1. Thank you for your very kind comments. We really enjoyed getting to know you two and Nina.
      We feel very privileged to now know some the best media bloggers there are.

      Were now in Thousand Oaks but the dogs miss the freedom of the desert…..and so do we!
      Happy holidays!


  2. Happy Anniversary and we miss you both! And Denise at the end of the rainbow! We have enjoyed your blog and your photos. And living in a bus, too! I still think you should write a book on your adventures. So happy you’re enjoying your well deserved retirement! Looking forward to seeing you both now that we are closer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! No more New Years Eve Fireworks on the airstrip I’m guessing, huh? ;0)


  3. A very Happy Anniversery to Y’all. Sounds like a wonderful spot to celebrate. We celebrated in Lees neighborhood last night with a wonderful firepit in driveway while enjoying a great neighborhood parade. Lee decked out his boat in Christmas lights and had about 15 on board. His oldest stepson led in a decked out golfcart that Lee has used for burning Man. About 30 people were at our party. The streets were lined with people and the equestrian area really gets into the spirit. The twins rode in the boat and all the lights and people kept them really entertained. Hope to see u when u get back.


  4. Happy Anniversy Tim and Denise!
    And thank you for taking us along on your wonderful journey(s). Your well constructed blogs put some of the TV trek and travel guides to shame: maybe you should consider this as a new career.
    Tell the kids Tisha and I miss them. We hope they have a Merry California Christmas! You too, of course.
    Happy Solstice from a not very white McKinley Village where the current temp is +18,


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