Breezin’ Along The Big Sur


Highway 1 Big Sur
Highway 1 Along The Big Sur

I found it hard to keep my eyes on the centerline as we drove along the most scenic coastal road in California, Big Sur’s Highway 1.

After leaving the Trona Pinnacles (see our last post) we quickly crossed the San Joaquin valley and spent the night in the Carrizo Plains National Monument.  The park is nothing but fields of green and the wildflowers were beginning to bloom.  We must come back here someday.

We then cross the coastal range and find ourselves at Morro Bay on the Pacific Ocean. As we turn north up Highway 1 we realize the current weather and the 7 day forecast look outstanding!

We are on a mission… the goal is to get our good friends Brad and Brenda back to the Sacramento area within a few days and see as much of this glorious coastline as possible.

Surf Zone Near Kirk Creek

Earlier in the trip Brad had expressed concern about the size of their motorhome and the narrow sinuosity of Highway 1.

I reminded him that Polychrome Pass, the narrow, windy gravel road he managed for over 30 years in Denali National Park, was half the width.

He relaxed and drove it like a pro!

Evening Iteniery Session
Pre-Coast Drive Itinerary Briefing

No Rooms Available...Hearst CastileNo Rooms Available…Hearst Castle

As we progress up the coast we stop to take in the grandeur of Hearst Castle.  Then on to view the Elephant Seal rookeries.  It was mating season on the beach and things were getting exciting.

Elephant Seals Cavorting San Simeon
Elephant Seals Cavorting Near San Simeon

North of Ragged Point we enjoy lunch in a wide pullout with magnificent views of the coast.

It was in the mid 70’s with a light breeze and puffy clouds.  Due to recent El Nino rains the surrounding hills were vivid green with wild flowers blooming everywhere and gray whales cruising northbound just off shore….we had found paradise!

Lunch Near Ragged Point
Lunch Near Ragged Point


Phiffer Big Sur State Park Overflow CampingPheiffer Big Sur State Park Overflow Camping

Traveling without reservations we found Pheiffer Big Sur State Park full but we scored a nice quiet corner all to ourselves in the overflow parking area. 

Since it was our last night together we decided to splurge and have dinner at Nepenthe, a historic restaurant just south of the state park.

For those of you who have not experienced Nepenthe we recommend dinner and a sunset… something you will never forget.  

Dinner With A View Nepenthe
Dinner With A View, Nepenthe
Taken From The Deck At Nepenthe
Our View During Dinner
Great Food
Great Food
Nepenthe Recipe
Recipes were gladly shared

There is also a gift shop with stunning local art for sale but most importantly the restaurant is situated on the top of the knoll with one of the best views of the Big Sur coast.

They present a fantastic menu and are best known for their Ambrosia burger. 

Last Night Together
Last Night Together

The next morning Brad and Brenda had to head north and we decide to retrace our route south.

We travel back down the coast to Kirk Creek Campground where we were able to get one of the last remaining campsites.  This is a very popular campground.

Its location situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the pounding surf makes for some breathtaking camping. 

Kirk Creek Campground
Kirk Creek Campground
Kirk Creek Sunset
Kirk Creek Campground At Sunset
Lunch At San Luis
Lunch At Lucia Lodge

We spend the next week exploring the wild coast of Big Sur.

We hike its coastal trails, we wander up its Redwood lined Creeks, we laze in the green grass and the pups play in the surf… truly a paradise!

During our wanderings we find a spectacular boondocking site located just above the coast road and spend several days on our own enjoying the fantastic views up and down the coast.

Secret Campsite
Secret Boondock Site
Redwoods In the Deep Cool Canyons
Giant Redwoods In the Deep Cool Canyons

Our most memorable moment came when we spotted 7 endangered California Condors flying just above the road and out over the surf.  

For 30 minutes we watched as the largest bird in North America circled overhead.  They never once flapped their wings… truly a magical moment and one we have been waiting many years for.  (sorry no photos)

Remote Creek In A Redwood Filled Canyon
Remote Creek In A Redwood Filled Canyon
Pompous Grass
Pampas Grass


Ceonehus Bush In Bloom
Ceanothus Bush In Bloom
Stairway to the coast
Stairway to the coast
A Typical Big Sur Sunset

We felt very fortunate to have experienced such glorious conditions along the Big Sur coast.

In the last 40 years we have driven this route many times.  Often in a driving rain or a thick fog but this trip was exceptionally wonderful.

Brad and Brenda were very lucky to have experienced this coast for their first time with blue skies, warm temperatures, green hillsides and glassy seas.

We had great fun driving the grand loop with them and hope we can travel with them again in the future.

Don’t miss our latest video “Breezin’ Along The Big Sur”

Pop in the ear buds, crank up the volume and be sure to view it in 1080hd



Next we are off to see the Super Bloom in Death Valley

Keep you posted…….

10 thoughts on “Breezin’ Along The Big Sur

  1. I just finally had time to watch this – it has been so many years since I have been on 1 – gorgeous! And redwoods too! You guys are doing a fabulous job with this! Thanks so much for sharing. Miss you both! : )

    On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 7:41 PM, Gone With The Dogs wrote:

    > gonewiththedogs posted: ” I found it hard to keep my eyes on the > centerline as we drove along the most scenic coastal road in California, > Big Sur’s Highway 1. After leaving the Trona Pinnacles (see our last post) > we quickly crossed the San Joaquin valley and spent” >


  2. Love reading your posts. I know that you spent time with Michael and Imkelina this past weekend. BlaNics They had a great time.

    I hear that you may be coming through Bend on your way home. We would love to meet you if you have time. Lots of great hiking and camping spots around here.

    Let us know if you can. You can park at our curb if you need a space for a nite or two. We can run an electric cord.

    Dick and Melinda

    Dick and Melinda (Stanfield) Rauscher


    “Shun-Piking” Backroads of North America

    Always looking for new back roads and new areas to discover.

    Follow us on Social Media


    1. Hi Dick and Milinda! Thanks for following the big dogs. Yes we had a fantastic time with the BlaNcs, it was very had to leave Cambria.
      We will be in Powell Butte for a few days and will try and come by for a visit though we have a full camping schedule planned with these folks.
      Thanks for the parking offer but the folks we are staying with are providing us a place, maybe in the future though!
      Thanks again
      The Dogs… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tough job. I’m glad you were up to the challenge LOL. Absolutely beautiful scenery and photos. I’ll most definitely be using your posts for reference when we meander over that way. It is interesting how everyone’s comfort level traversing various roads is different. After living in CO over twenty years, my recommendations to fellow RVer’s can be vastly different based on their experience.


    1. Thanks Ingrid,
      When conditions are just right this coast it is something to behold but when the weather is rough its best to head elsewhere, the road is often closed during these wet periods anyway. I would thought El Nino would have kept us out this winter but…..
      We lucked out thats for sure.


  4. The music in the video brought me back to that classic George Benson concert in Santa Barbara years ago we loved so much that we walked out, bought three more tickets, turned ourselves around and walked right back in for the second concert!!! Nothing beats Big Sur for stunning views. I really enjoyed seeing Denise rockin’ to the tunes along the coast there. Thanks for sharing your trip with us all. Love you guys. Have a safe trip home. Hugs and kisses to you both and doggies too.


    1. Thanks Teresa,
      Yes we reminisced about the SB concert also, those were fun times. Glad you are enjoying the blog, Big Sur and Point Lobos are some of our favorite places! except for the poison oak of course 😦


  5. You both know we rejoice when we read this post and especially see your awesome video. You gotta keep our backyard a secret though…were busting at the gills with people…we may exceed 7,000 folks on our coastline. The grass is even greener now, velvety…maybe even more color spots. Thanks for being the perfect mirror for our corner of heaven.


    1. We appreciate the kind words especially when they are coming from folks that call Big Sur home. We are looking forward to visiting with you guys very soon. Your corner of heaven is a very special place for sure.


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