Indian Bread Rendezvous

After several hours of driving west into a stiff head wind the dogs suddenly awoke as we decelerated down the freeway off ramp near Bowie AZ.

Looking over we saw the space we had just vacated in the long string of fast moving semis already filled with another truck…. like we weren’t even there………. It was good to be off the interstate.

Interstate 10 Near Bowie AZ

Passing under the freeway we headed south into the open desert and immediately began to relax. We found ourselves alone on a narrow desert road, just the way we like it.  

Next stop a rendezvous with friends at Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area.

During the early 1800’s rendezvous were held in various locations where trappers and mountain men gathered to sell their furs and hides, replenished their supplies and celebrate.

Indian Bread Rocks Recreation Area

Rendezvous were known to be lively, joyous places, where all people were allowed including Indians and their families, freedom loving travelers and later even tourists who traveled as far as Europe to observe these festivities.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending quality time with like minded friends especially when you are camped together for extended periods in the middle of nowhere.

A Dried Desert Plant

James Beckwourth, an American mountain man, fur trader and explorer, once described the rendezvous as a place of “Mirth, songs, dancing, shouting, trading, running, jumping, singing, racing, target-shooting, yarns, frolic, with all sorts of extravagances that white men or Indians could invent”.

Our rendezvous intentions were to renew friendships, celebrate the freedom to wander in any direction we desired, appreciate this boon docking lifestyle we love so much and further fine tune daily life in our fully equipped state of the art RV.

Life is good.

Our good friends Micheal and Imkelina Blanic (Read Their Blog Here) whom we had briefly met last winter in Death Valley and later visited at their wonderful home in Cambria CA (remember here), had arrived ahead of us and found a great campsite on a hillside that overlooked the flat wide valley below.

IMG_6631This being the 21st century our rendezvous goals were slightly different but yet similar to those of the 1800’s mountain men, we would skip the target shooting.

The Pups Enjoy Some Bouldering
LuLu Enjoys The Distant Views

Our daily activities included hiking into the local boulder strewn hills (the rock is very similar to the boulders at Joshua Tree National Park), rock hounding, bird watching, cow chasing, the searing of fine cuts of meat, wine tastings, fire stoking and star gazing all while sharing stories of past adventures.

At times we were the only boondockers camped within these hills.

During the first few days of our meet up the weather was some what unsettled. We experienced driving rain and high winds one night with gusts to 55 mph.

After The Storm         Photo: Imkelina Blanic

Needles to say we forgot the fire pit that evening and moved inside to enjoy a sumptuous dinner under solar powered lights, listening to smooth jazz on the satellite radio while toasting ourselves with shots of Tin Cup. The next day brought rainbows!

Good Friends In The Desert
Relaxing Around Camp                      Photo: Imkelina Blanic

Hanging with the Blanic’s made for some very enjoyable boon docking. Micheal and Imkelina are generous, easy going Californians that understand the importance of treading lightly on the land and have that desire to get away from humanity.

The Blanic’s Pup Sydney is a Smart, Lively Cattle Dog That Eventually Warmed Up to the Big Dogs.

They are avid travelers having been on many excellent adventures in their past. Micheal loves to sear meats and is a very accomplished grill master. Imkelina is an astute story teller and takes wonderful photos.

At times it was hard not to discuss this country’s current political situation but it was nothing that wandering through the rocks or pulling the cork on a bottle of aged Texas Cabernet Sauvignon couldn’t fix.

Tuks Enjoys The Last Drips Of An Excellent IPA
The Pups Were In Charge Of Monitoring The Grill Master

We spent several days eating and drinking like kings, exploring the countryside and enjoying each other’s company. Eventually the Blanic’s needed to head towards home and our rendezvous came to an end. A very good time was had by all.

Micheal And Sydney Wander Through The Rocks

I am sure there will be more gatherings in our future with these fine folks.

Denise and I fell in love with this area and ended up spending several more days relaxing before traveling further west to another meet-up with more good friends. 

Lots of Room To Roam

We plan to return to this neck of the woods sooner then later.

Don’t miss our latest video “Indian Bread Rendezvous”.

Slip-in the ear pods or slip-on the headphones, warm up the Apple TV, crank up the stereo and enjoy! 

Next we are off to meet the Motsko’s for a California road trip……keep you posted!


20 thoughts on “Indian Bread Rendezvous

  1. Beautiful photos! Your dogs are gorgeous, by the way. How much do they weigh? We have a 75 pound long haired German shepherd. Sometimes I think yours look about the same size, but sometimes they look way bigger than ours. Anyway, looks like a great place to spend a couple days with good company.


  2. We had way tooooo much good times, Tin Cup and “charred” steer with you guys…Let’s do it again!
    Love the photography and video…they really capture Bread Rocks. Your drone video really does illustrate how isolated we were out there and hidden. Tuks and Lulu were great entertainers…next time they get their own steak.


  3. I do enjoy your travels with 2 beautiful dogs. Are they really good travelers? Also, have you posted what your camera equipment is? Your pictures are so vibrant colors.


  4. Love Lulu’s tongue sneaking out as she helps “supervise” the grilling. Also enjoy seeing Tuks finish the final drops of the IPA; Gretta likes the last drops of my Merlot! 🙂


  5. Hi Tim and Denise – good to hear from you again and thanks for the wonderful pictures, stories and videos. Always love to see what you are doing and sure wished I could be there also! Love Tuks drinking habit! Love Gert and Joyce


  6. We definitely need to go here! Beautiful pictures and video. So glad you were able to spend time with good friends.


  7. We were there – fond memories – need to spend more time there – maybe. Thanks for sharing! 14 below here and the snow conditions are great, lots of good skiing and biking to be done 🙂


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