The Art Of Dreaming Big

In case you have been wondering where the heck those Alaskan Big Dogs have been, here is an update. For the past 13 months we have been at home in Alaska constructing our new adventure vehicle. Read about our project here The summer months were glorious with fantastic warmer then usual weather in June and […]

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Fabricating Our Future

Again, it has been awhile since we last posted and yes, we are spending this winter in Alaska. Why have we decide to do this? If you have been reading our past posts, read FARTHER, you would know that our future travel goals have evolved to include finding destinations that require a high clearance overland type vehicle […]

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30 Below In A Bus

The snow was drifting across the road in an almost complete whiteout as we neared the top of the pass.  All of a sudden the rear tires began to lose traction and we slowly slide sideways towards the edge. That winter day in 1976 the road conditions were less then ideal as we attempted to summit Trutch Mt in British […]

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It has been several months since we last posted as life has been very busy. The Zephyr is  parked for the summer at Basecamp and we are all enjoying the mild summer weather in our favorite place, Alaska. Even though the big dogs love to travel, they have been enjoying being at home, racing through […]

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Exploring The Dry Side

After 13,000 miles and 7 months of wandering the back roads of 17 different States and 6 Canadian Provinces, we finally turn north towards our home in Alaska.  Off and on we had also spent over 3 months camped in my mom’s backyard hanging with her and helping with needed maintenance around her home. Once departing SoCal we were […]

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This Could Go On Forever

We again find ourselves camped along the shores of California’s Salton Sea. There is something about this place that draws us here. I am not sure if it is the stark harsh environment, the incredible amount of diverse bird life or its unique history with Southern California, it is not like any other place we know. […]

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Clear Blue Skies

  The skies had cleared, January was over and our world now looked very different. Living in Alaska for over 40 years has refined our appreciation of wide open spaces and clear blue skies. After spending all of January camped in SoCal in my mom’s backyard, the home of the  intense paced lifestyle, we decide it is […]

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