We are parked in front of a Fairbanks grocery store and it is snowing hard!!

Thus begins our travels south for the winter. We are in Fairbanks stocking up on supplies and having the Caboose’s front end aligned before we start down the Alaska Hwy.

We have now winterized our home, kissed the cat goodbye, flipped the master switch off on the power pole outside the house and driven away from Basecamp….always a sad time.

As we departed Denali the snow was beginning to fall and later we heard the area received 14” of new snow, our timing was impeccable.

South of Tok
Taking A Break South of Tok

After spending an enjoyable evening with our good friends Ron and Kristi in North Pole, Tuk’s breeders we turned tail and drove south.

 During the night an additional 4-5 inches of snow fell while we camped in their driveway.  As we drove out of town the snowy weather slowly diminished and we soon found dry roads and clearing skies about 100 miles south… but the temperature was dropping.

Our next stop was with our other good Berner friends Kay Lynn and David in Tok Ak. We had dinner at the famous Fast Eddy’s restaurant and then relaxed with their pups Ioreka and Gretta, both beautiful Bernese Mt. Dogs.

Panorama Of Kuanai Lake
Panorama Of Kluane Lake From Our Camp

Off again the next morning we crossed the Canadian border and drove south to Destruction Bay on Kluane Lake where we camped for the evening.

We found a great spot lakeside near Slims Creek and arrived just in time for a sweet sunset and later some great northern lights over the lake.

Dogs Have Fun Along The Shore
The Pups Have Fun Along The Shore Of Kluane Lake

Whitehorse was our intended next destination where we planned to stay with another Bernese Mt. breeder and our friends Leslie and Don.

Unfortunately they both felt under the weather so we proceeded down the road to camp at Squanga Lake Provincial Park where another great sunset was shown us.

Squanga Lake Sunrise
Squanga Lake Sunrise

The next morning it was 19 degrees outside but inside our little home we were snug as a bug.  After a short drive we met my brother Sam at Teslin Lake lodge.

After a short visit he headed down the Alcan and we turned south onto the Stewart Cassiar Hwy.  He was on a mission to get the 1963 VW bus he was towing down to Southern California to sell at a major VW event.

Our Motorhome/Bus On The Alcan 1975
Our Motorhome/Bus On The Alcan Spring 1975
Our VW Buses Traveling The Alcan 1974
Our VW Buses Traveling Southbound On The Alcan 1974 (Denise)

Not having been southbound on the Cassiar in quite some time we found it to be in excellent condition with fresh pavement on the upper third of its 600 mile length.

We happened onto Boya Lake Provincial Park about the time we wanted to stop for the evening.  It was virtually empty (one of the perks of traveling off season).

Boya Lake Provincial Park
Boya Lake Provincial Park

IMG_5142 (1)

We found a great campsite along the lake edge and were treated to a fantastic low light extravaganza, one we will not soon forget.  The pups had a blast running around the lake.

LuLU Enjoys The Swing Boya Lake
LuLu Enjoys The Swing At Boya Lake

From Boya Lake south the drive down the Cassiar was very pleasant.  No traffic, a smooth road, clear weather and great scenery.

We even saw a mother Lynx and her two kits standing in the middle of the road….very cool.

Enad Of The Cassier Hwy. Near Kitwanga
End Of The Cassiar Hwy. Near Kitwanga

Sorry to end another enjoyable trip through some of North Americas last true wilderness and leave the relaxed pace of the Cassiar we turned east at Kitwanga and merged with more typical traffic levels between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

The fall pastoral countryside between Kitwanga and Prince George was green and gold and easy on the eyes.  We were glad to be back in more fall like conditions.

From Prince George we plan to proceed into the Canadian Rockies and travel the Icefields Parkway… dependent of course!

Be sure to watch our latest video below in HD


Keep you posted!

13 thoughts on “DRIVE SOUTH

  1. Hey Taylor’s it was good to hear from you again! We sure enjoy your pictures and the nice video. Hope to see you at the Buses By the Bridge at Lake Havasu. Have a great trip and give the dogs a big hug from me – Gert


  2. So good to hear from you two…I’ve finished my travels and sit at my dining room table with light over my head and internet access thanks to my small solar panel. I came just as the leaves were turning color with temperatures in the 60’s/70’s…a lovely Indian summer.

    Continue to see more beauty out your window. Hope the dogs find more swings on your travels…swinging’s the best…Annabelle…


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