California Green

After wandering the deserts of Calif and Arizona for almost 2 months we have just spent 2 weeks in Thousand Oaks California visiting family.  Below is a short video of my mom’s home during a family get together this last weekend.

A lot has happened since we left the southland, it has rained several inches! As we descended from the high desert of Mojave National Preserve it immediately became apparent things had changed dramatically …it has severely greened up!

Early Morning Pup Walk
Early Morning Pup Walk
LuLu Climbs a Blossoming Oak Tree
LuLu Climbs a Greening Oak Tree

As we approached the coast we were shocked at the transformation in the hills, they were covered in a vivid green. We thought we had driven into Ireland. As we all know the drought is far from over but today its hard to imagine.

All Kinds Of Wild Fruit Growing Locally
All Kinds Of Wild Fruit Growing Locally

Some of the local reservoirs are near full, spillways and drainage ditches are carrying water and there is rain in the forecast.

In my humble opinion the reason there is a drought in SoCal is not because of a lack of rainfall but because there are way to many people dependent on using water.

If the population in LA was half the size it is today I doubt the word “drought” would even come up in a conversation.

5:00am Along Hwy 1 Near Point Mugu
5:00 am Along Hwy 1 Near Point Mugu With Channel Islands National Park in the Distance

As people pour into the southland from Mexico, from the east coast, especially after the winter they are experiencing  and the rest the world the water shortage will probably never go away.

In the mean time it would be prudent for Californians to take advantage and enjoy this green while they can. Walk in the hills, drive the coast, take time to smell the flowers…..they most likely will soon be gone.

After Two Months in the Hot Dry Desert Tuks Luxuriates in the Tall Green Grass
After Two Months in the Hot Dry Desert Tuks Luxuriates in the Tall Wet Green Grass

Lately its been a perfect growing environment in Southern California, 1-3 inches of rain every few weeks interspersed with 70-80 degree clear hot sunny weather. The natural grasses, the flowering plants, and the trees are all in full bloom. I have never seen this kind of growth in a short period.

The bad news is when the hot dry winds return and if the drought continues the upcoming fire season should be a real zinger.

This winter we have spent all together about 7 weeks in SoCal. As we continue our journey north with stops along the Pacific coast, the High Sierras and some great locations in between we will truly miss this mild Mediterranean type weather and especially our family.

Keep you Posted………..

13 thoughts on “California Green

  1. Enjoying your blog – what a great adventure – hurry back with your drone, we have a job for you (it) in Talkeetna! Safe travel as you head North


  2. Love seeing all that CA green, such an ephemeral season. Enjoy the Sierra, and looking forward to seeing you later this month!


  3. Great job Tim! I love the family video, and I know your mom enjoyed being filmed with her sign 🙂 Hope the drive is going smoothly! Mary


  4. I know your plans were to be north of California during the specialty, but any chance you may have changed your plans? We will be in Monterey on the 21st and would love to see you guys if you are in the neighborhood!


    1. Ron,
      We would love to attend but our current plans have us on the Alcan during that period.
      If our plans change we will keep you posted.
      PS: The dogs are having a blast as you can see in the videos.


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