Coasting Baja

After 5000 miles and 4 months of driving from Alaska to the tip of Baja we realize we have driven as far south as we will go this winter… it’s now time to just coast for awhile.

Don’t miss our latest video, watch it on the big screen in 1080p, slip in the ear buds or slide on your head phones and enjoy!

After crossing the Mexican border we took 6 days and 1000 miles to arrive at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Wandering Around The San Ignacio Village Square
Breakfast in San Ignacio at Victor’s
View Out the Window Near Loreto

We join my brother and his family and friends in Zacatitos located on the East Cape. They have rented a comfortable bungalow for a couple of months.

Zacatitos Bungalow, A Fun Place To Spend the Holidays
Family and Friends in Zacatitos
An 80 Degree Christmas Day In Baja

Daytime temps here were in the low 80’s and were a little hot for us, finding shade under the veranda by mid day was a must. Beautiful colors of the Sea of Cortez.

Ladies Lounge Beach, Zacatitos

We spend the next 10 days hanging out, celebrating, relaxing and enjoying life. Each morning we get up early and walk a couple of miles or bike along the trails before it gets too hot. Ruby loved meeting the local dogs and donkeys on our morning rounds.

During this visit we realize how much the Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo areas have changed and how they have become very very crowded. When we first visited here in 1975 the area was no more then a fishing villages.

Cabo San Lucas in the Early 1970’s
Cabo San Lucas Today

 Today traffic in these cities is now similar to driving around Southern California.  Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and Starbucks are now part of everyday life on the tip of Baja.

New Friends Julia and Pedro in Vizcaino and Enjoying Their Delicious Fish Tacos
Restaurant At Nuevo Laguna Chapala Along Hwy 1

Many of the beaches around the tip of Baja have become gentrified by wind/kite surfers and folks that just want to own a winter getaway.

La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Luxury beachfront properties ( Los Angeles Times)

Changes like these makes us appreciate our early Baja adventures in the late 60’s and early 70’s. 

Driving The Baja Peninsula Near La Paz in Our Vintage VW Van’s 1975

Now that I am an older guy and someone that actually knows first hand “how it used to be” these changes will sometimes negatively affect my current appreciation of Baja’s cape.

I realize no place ever stays the same but my memories of old Baja remain strong and sometimes I struggle to appreciate the now americanized way of life south of La Paz.

But…it is much easier when we are able go further afield and even more fun when you’re traveling with Denise, Ruby and Otis.

Denise Wandering Baja in the mid 80’s
Our Beach Camp At The End Of Day 6 of a 12 Day Kayak Paddle South Along The Coast of Sea Of Cortez 1991

Unfortunately due to this overwhelming growth our future plans will probably no longer include travel south of La Paz.

New Overlanding Friends Lorenzo and Alexia
Ruby Approves of Grayson and Kinsey’s New Mexican Rescue Puppy Ziggy
Canadian Friends Danny, Jacinte and their Daughter Maina Travel in Their Beautiful Converted Bus

Baja still has many remote beaches and wild camping opportunities but you must willing to put the time and effort into finding these special places and are driving a vehicle capable of reaching them.  

Remote Beach North Of La Paz
Ballon Vine In Bloom
Otis Wanders Remote Dunes in Search Of the Perfect Place To Call His Litter Box

Eventually we depart the cape in search of more remote beach camps where we can just post up for awhile and chill.

We end up finding several beaches that meet our requirements with miles of sand, not too much wind, lots of whales just off shore and not many people around.

Ruby At Her Favorite Place

We find coastlines northeast of La Paz that also have beautiful white sandy beaches, shallow warm waters and with very easy access.

Unfortunately because of the easy access some of these places have become very crowded with motorhomes, van lifers and trinket vendors. It becomes especially busy on the weekends when locals from La Paz come for the weekend.

We only stay for few days and head north up along the west coast to Magdalena Bay in search of gray whales.

In the 80’s we put our folding Klepper kayak in this bay and followed the whales up and down the coast, it was great fun.

Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay

We were a little early for the main gray whale migration but are still able to see several mothers with their calves.

Pin Cushion Cacti

Our daily Baja beach routine:

-Up at dawn, make coffee and eat some of Denise’s famous low carb homemade cupcakes. 

-Next we walk a couple of miles with Ruby before it gets too hot and return for more coffee and Denise’s famous homemade yogurt, fruit and nut mix.  

A Great Rockhounding Beach

-Next we relax, catch up on our reading while sitting in the sun or shade until lunch. If it is warm enough we will go for a swim.

-Ruby relaxes in the shade.

-Lunch means we devour some of Denise’s fantastic fish taco’s then all of a sudden it’s time for toes up.

-A couple of hours later we are up to spend the evening wandering the coastline with Ruby and Otis always searching  for interesting and unusual artifacts.

Tim and Ruby Catch The Sunset

-The end of our day includes watching the sun disappear below the horizon while we toast our friends and life in general while sipping some select tequila. 

-When conditions allow we sit around a fire pit and enjoy the millions of stars that slowly appear, always in competition with as to which one of us will see the first star. 

One of Our Remote Camps in the Dunes

-Eventually we move inside and play a game of Scrabble and possibly more tequila tasting. 

-Then its off to bed around 9:00pm 

-Next day- Repeat.

With all the stress inducing issues happening in our world nowadays, everyone should take a little time to just “Coast”.

It may be as simple as breaking away from your normal routine and getting outside for a little while or walking along a beach or in a park somewhere.

It is good for the mind and the soul, and there’s nothing like a good social media detox, shut if off for awhile.

Stay tuned for more of our Baja adventures!  Thanks for following the Big Dogs!

Opening page artwork by my brother Sam Taylor Thanks!

Remember, the most difficult paths usually lead to the best views.

Interesting Early Overlander Photos Below

Todos Santos 1964

Near El Coyote Beach 1957, Todays Route of Hwy 1

18 thoughts on “Coasting Baja

  1. Great photos and a truly professional video documenting your travels. Thanks so much for all the effort it took to put that together to share. Miss seeing you guys but look forward to Zac’s in February . . ?


  2. Looks like more lovely adventures! All of you look great and it makes me smile to see how much Ruby enjoys the beach life. She’s living her best life for sure. She digs in sand the way Aonghas digs in snow! Otis looks to be enjoying finding a litterbox in a natural setting too! Hugs to all. Enjoyed the great video and the photos. The changes are dramatic from your photos from another decade and today.


    1. Thanks Kay lynn! yes Ruby has turned into a Baja beach dog, she runs with the other beach dogs every morning and then digs holes in the afternoon’s that she disappears into. Otis has also become an excellent traveler and sand dune digger. Ruby is looking forward to romping with Aonghas this spring!! Hi to David!


  3. What a delightful gift. Thank you. So inspiring, so beautiful, so fun. I love all the pictures, especially the old ones complementing the new ones. Keep up the travels so those of us that can’t wander so far (yet!) can have our travel bug satisfied (or perked)!


  4. Sure enjoyed the travels with Taylor’s. Appreciated the comparisons with the ole days. We are doing pretty good right now but getting tired of this weather. Right this minute it is pouring hard cold 50’s windy rain. 8:00pm, Tuesday, March 21. Take care. Love Chidgeys


  5. Awesome – you are living the dream. I too am glad you got to visit some of these places before they were “Americanized”. Safe travels on your trip north!~


  6. Thanks for the beach and whale visuals. Very enjoyable for the first day of spring. I haven’t been to Cabo since the early 80’s. Wow what a change. You have perfected retirement.


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