camped within sight of nowhere

Dispersed Camping Near Vicksburg AZ
Dispersed Camping Near Vicksburg AZ

We are camped in the middle of nowhere and are very happy about it.

As we stare out over the vast Arizona desert we can see nothing but open space and open sky.  Our camp is situated just east of Vicksburg, AZ near the massive Bouse dry wash along the slopes of the Harcuvar mountains.

cloud Cover Makes Life Cooler For The Pups

We have migrated here due to our love for open space and the need to get away from it all.  We have always been drawn to the desert for its raw and rugged landscape.

Mid 80"s Desert Camp
Mid 80’s Baja Desert Camp

You might say this location is a great representation of our ultimate desert campsite.

It has all the ingredients, or lack of, to make that distinction.

It is semi-remote, no neighbors, no noise, no traffic, no black Fridays, very little sharp cactus and lots of desert for the pups to play in….very similar to living in Alaska except for the warmer temperatures.

Evening Light
Evening Light Near Vicksburg

Vicksburg, AZ  was named after Victor Satterdahl, a storekeeper in the 1890’s who set up a post office in his store in 1906.  Wells Fargo had a stage station in Vicksburg in 1907.

Today Vicksburg is basically just a junction along highway 72.

Mesquite Tree
Mesquite Tree

This is BLM land designated for dispersed camping.  No water, no facilities or maintained roads, no charge…..just how we like it.

Ocotillo Tree
Ocotillo Tree

Our good friends Elwood and Beth joined us again after just completing a vigorous mountain bike ride along the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands NP.

We enjoyed the evening with them eating delicious food, drinking great wine and viewing a fine night sky while lounging around the campfire.



We savor this lifestyle and this location as our next destination will take us through the heart of LA. into Thousand Oaks, Calif. where we will spend Thanksgiving with family.

The cultural shock of re-entering mass humanity after purposely avoiding it for the last 2 months will surely take its toll.




With all that is going on in the world today hibernating in the open desert away from it all certainly has its benefits.

One might say we are turning a blind eye or hiding from the worlds problems, but from my perspective I believe we reduce our impact by not moving and living off the grid for weeks at a time.

Besides, living this nomadic lifestyle is great fun.

We look forward to visiting family and friends but there is always a limit to living in the city with its fast paced lifestyle. 

Typical Desert SunsetTypical Desert Sunset

Our daily routine is to awake early enough to go hiking into the nearby canyons before the heat becomes too much for the pups.  We carry extra water for the dogs as their long black coats were designed for the Alps and not the desert.

Afternoons are spent sitting in shade reading or blogging.  Evenings usually mean a BBQ and a glass of red vino enjoyed around the fire pit.



Hope you enjoy our new video “camped within sight of nowhere” it visually captures what we love best about living in the desert in the winter months.

If you can afford the bandwidth watch it in HD for best effect!


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Wish us luck in the city!

keep you posted……..

21 thoughts on “camped within sight of nowhere

  1. Hi Tim…finally heading out the end of this month…have a few spots in Arizona we are going to check out, including the Vicksburg area where you both spent some time at. Can you provide some gps coordinates or the names of roads (rough directions) that would help us toward seeking out that special spot? Will head to Kofa Natil. Wildlife Refuge for a few days also. Any chance you will be in the surrounding area during the first couple weeks of March? Love to hook up with you both. Also, have been looking at a mirror image of your rig…going back to a motorized rv w/ a dingy. If possible, would like to get some input from you at a later day.


    1. Thanks Melinda! The drone a great camera platform although it a shame is getting harder to fly due to National and State Parks regulations. In the open desert it is very fun to fly except when its very windy 🙂 Hope you get one someday.
      Thanks for viewing, Tim


  2. Awesome video…a surgeon’s hand flying that drone…was your vid filmed near Vicksburg, Arizona? We would love to spend a week or two there to practice our shared talent…grilling and sipping a glass of red.


      1. Never been to Vicksburg Tim…our plans are to head into Arizona in February and explore. Will most likely have short stays in the Parker/Lake Havasu area, explore around Tucson and most likely check out the Vicksburg BLM. Your photos and description sure do draw us. Worst case scenario though created through an act of God is that we hunker down in Cambria, CA which we call our Central Coast Hidey Hole. We are on the road only 6 months out of the year. Safe travels my friend!


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