Gone With The Dogs 2015 Video Review

We have decided to compile all of our 2015 videos into one post in case you missed one or just want to view them again.  We are working on the 2016 list now.

These videos were originally embedded within the posts that corresponded to our travel locations at the time.

The links below start with the more recent versions and end with some of our earliest endeavors.

Most were photographed in 1080P and if possible try and view them in HD for best quality. We recommend listening to the soundtrack through a good sound system or use ear buds/headphones for the best experience. 

We had great fun filming and editing these videos and it is our hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for watching!

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  • We return to our rock climbing roots in Joshua Tree NP


  • Boondocking in the middle of the Arizona desert


  • We wander through the red rock parks of the southwest desert


  • We explore fabulous Canyonlands NP


  • A drive through Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons NP


  • A cruise through Waterton and Glacier NPs


  • We visit Habecker Ranger Station near Bozeman MT.


  • A beautiful drive though the Canadian Rockies


  • A visit to Mt. Robson Provincial Park Canada


  • A hike to Mt. Edith Cavell in the Canadian Rockies


  • A video of our fall drive down the Alaska Highway


  • Summer fun at Taylor Base Camp in Denali Park Alaska


  • A short video about re-building and driving my 1969 VW convertable Karmann Ghia


  • Mr. Ebel Goes Fishing in Alaska


  • A mid summer snapshot of  The Denali Park Area


  • A glimpse of what spring breakup looks like in Denali


  • A glimpse of what April typically looks like in Denali


  • Driving North up the Alaskan Hwy in March. 


  • A short video on my family home in California


  • What California looks like in the winter after getting rain (rare footage)


  • Desert Adventures with the Big Dogs


  • A fantastic drive through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument



6 thoughts on “Gone With The Dogs 2015 Video Review

  1. SWEET! Hey Dogs…my Beats volume on high, with a shot of Crown & a front row seat with a 32″ screen…perfect. New rig order in a couple of weeks…will keep you posted. Love your vids!


      1. Will head up to Grass Valley, CA to pick up rig, do a break down cruise of a week or two and head home via Hwy 395.. Than reunite with our friends Dick & Melinda and than go in search of a pair of Bernese Mountain Dogs…should be desert hopping by then.


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