fire, flu, flood and bloat

  For 3 months we drifted across the heartland of Canada and down through the midwestern states of America. We visited many new places, ate some unusual and delicious foods and met some super friendly people. 2017 had been a great year for us. It wasn’t until late December as we crossed the Arizona / California border that […]

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Still Got The Blues

“Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much” Franklin Delanor Roosevelt The story of the Blues in Mississippi and Louisiana is an amazing tale and if one really makes an effort to delve into its rich history one must have time to spare. In our last post we began our journey […]

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A Blues Sojourn

It was now November and Denise’s birthday was fast approaching. Denise is a major Blues fan and after very brief discussions we head south to join Highway 61, the Blues Highway in Memphis. It is also known as the Great River Road since it closely parallels the mighty Mississippi. Our journey from Cleveland to Memphis was 800 miles.  Once […]

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Long Live Rock

Turning south for the first time in a month we depart Michigan’s UP and cross the mighty Mackinac Bridge trying our best to stay ahead of the impending winter weather. Following the west coast of Lake Michigan we pass through beautiful farm country and coastal resort towns. The colors continue to be brilliant but in […]

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Superior Colors

  The view ahead looked as though someone was spinning the road in a kaleidoscope of colors that changed from green to red to orange to yellow and back again. We were not hallucinating, we were just in Michigan. “It is one of the prettiest places in the world”. —Henry Ford, 1920’s—  “Nowhere, probably on the continent, is the fall […]

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A very long drive indeed

We were on a mission. Our goal was to witness first hand the fabulous fall colors in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and to visit Denise’s birthplace in the small town of Munising. This excursion has been on our to do list for many years. To reach Michigan before the fall colors disappeared we were […]

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Summer Of Celebration

It was quite a summer. Upon returning in May to our home in Denali we were immediately reminded of the responsibilities and work associated with living in a sticks and bricks setting. After 7 months of freely wandering the back roads of America and Canada the return to a stationary life style is always a major […]

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