No Place Like Home

There is no place like home.  We have just spent almost 4 wonderful weeks boondocking in my folk’s backyard and as usual we have had great weather and lots of fun! Due to recent rains the hills are green, the lawns need mowing again, the orchids are blooming, the trees are leafing out, the drought is […]

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Alive In Death Valley

  We found ourselves driving towards something we had never witnessed before….a desert flower Super Bloom! Last winter we wandered through some of the most parched and arid landscapes on earth so it was great news to hear that an exceptionally strong El Nino was forecasted for the southwest this winter. As we now know the predicted wet […]

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Breezin’ Along The Big Sur

  I found it hard to keep my eyes on the centerline as we drove along the most scenic coastal road in California, Big Sur’s Highway 1. After leaving the Trona Pinnacles (see our last post) we quickly crossed the San Joaquin valley and spent the night in the Carrizo Plains National Monument.  The park […]

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The Pinnacles Of Trona

A 30 mph crosswind was hitting us directly out of the Eastern High Sierra as we headed south along highway 395, travel was slow going. Again it was our good fortune to be traveling with our Alaskan friends, Brad and Brenda. This being their first time camping remotely in the open desert we decide to visit an area that […]

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Sky Rock, Rosetta Stone, 13 Moons

Dont miss our last video Recently we visited a friend living in the Owens Valley hamlet of Bishop, California. They offered to take us just north of town into the Volcanic Tablelands to view ancient petroglyphs.  We quickly excepted. The Bureau of Land Management describes the Volcanic Tablelands as a vast volcanic landscape that was formed over 700,000 […]

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Alone In The Alabama Hills

Early one morning while camped along the Colorado River just north of Blythe, Arizona, we decided to check the weather forecast. There it was, a forecasted mid-February heat wave affecting the entire west coast of North America. We immediately changed our plans and instead of heading south towards Kofa and Yuma, where the temps were to be over 90, […]

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Return To Joshua Tree

  It has been many full moons since Denise and I last visited Joshua Tree National Park.  Recently we returned. Having lived in Southern California in the 1960’s and 70’s, my brother Sam and I have a long history of visiting this high desert mecca.  My family has considered this park their weekend playground since […]

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camped within sight of nowhere

We are camped in the middle of nowhere and are very happy about it. As we stare out over the vast Arizona desert we can see nothing but open space and open sky.  Our camp is situated just east of Vicksburg, AZ near the massive Bouse dry wash along the slopes of the Harcuvar mountains. We have […]

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In Search Of Red Earth

Over the years we have spent many a winter wandering the deserts of the American Southwest and Baja. When it comes to stimulating and visually stunning desert topography there is nothing quite like sighting a distant pile of large vibrant red boulders sticking up out of the sand. Canyonlands National Park has majestic tall red cliffs, […]

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Erosion In Its’ Finest Form

Driving south out of Salt lake City we find ourselves stopping for the evening in the little town of Green River.  At first it was just a place to sleep but then…..  we find an oasis. You would never guess as you drive into town from the hot dry surrounding desert that you are driving […]

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Bears, Bison And Boiling Water

After losing ourselves in Waterton-Glacier National Park for a while we eventually followed our noses and the moderate weather into southern Montana. But we did have a worthy goal in mind…visit our friends the Habeckers near Bozeman. Tom and Donna spent their careers working for the National Park Service in many different parks and are now […]

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All The Time In The World

Wandering Around Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park After many hours of driving south across Alberta’s beautiful prairies we finally arrive just north of the US/Canadian Border and enter a stunning region of blue lakes and jagged peaks know as Waterton Lakes National Park. A Brief History Of The Area Waterton Lakes National Park is located in the […]

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Thanksgiving In The Rockies

It is Thanksgiving and we are in the Rockies! That’s the Canadian Thanksgiving and we are in the Canadian Rockies In Case You Were Wondering: Thanksgiving (French: Action de grâce), or Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’action de grâce) is also an annual Canadian holiday, occurring on the second Monday in October, which celebrates the harvest […]

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We are parked in front of a Fairbanks grocery store and it is snowing hard!! Thus begins our travels south for the winter. We are in Fairbanks stocking up on supplies and having the Caboose’s front end aligned before we start down the Alaska Hwy. We have now winterized our home, kissed the cat goodbye, […]

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Summers End

Yes summer has come and gone in the Alaska Range. Our summers are typically filled with a combination of sunshine and rain, warm but not too hot temperatures  Generally we spend our time BBQing, eating out, visiting with friends, wrenching on the fleet, hiking with big dogs and then in a quick 3 months it is all over. […]

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Friends, Family And Feast

The old saying “time flies when your having fun” certainly has been a truism this month. Recently my 93 year old mother traveled to Alaska to visit her children. This visit was probably her 35th trip  since my brother Sam and I first migrated to this state in the early 70’s. Mom’s love of the north […]

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Mid Summer Delights

Above Is The Fabulous Quilt Depicting Mt. McKinley Designed and Constructed by Denali Artist Ree Nancarrow. It Is On Permanent Display In The Eielson Visitor Center Within Denali National Park Taylor Basecamp is situated at about 1700 ft. elevation and located in the middle of the Alaska Range about 80 air miles from the summit of Mt. McKinley.  […]

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Summer In Denali

June has come and gone and we had a blast. This post is late due to the fact that we have been very busy having way to much fun. Below are just some of the highlights of this months activities. June means the vegetation has now greened up and the wild flowers are beautiful. The […]

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The Alaska Range Turns Green

The month of May typically is one of our seasonal transition months, the Alaska Range slowly turns from brown to green and summer begins. The rivers are now open and free of ice, the eagles are back and fishing the rivers, the cow moose are having their babies and the bears are lurking around looking for the […]

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April In Denali

WOW!   We can’t believe we have been stationary at Taylor Base Camp for about a month now! Its has been great to be home but we also really miss being on the road. The dogs were confused for first couple of weeks and would run to get into the ZEFYR everytime we went somewhere. April’s […]

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On Our Way Home 2

On Our Way Home     part 2 Since our last post we departed the Sierra Nevada’s and headed back to the coast. After making a brief stop in Sacramento to replace the bug’s distributor which failed while driving in Yosemite valley, we spent the night at Standish Hicky State Park situated along Hwy. 101.  This beautifully lush campground along the South Fork of […]

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On Our Way Home

 On Our Way Home     part 1 The time has come…….we must slowly head north to be home in time for our favorite time of year in Alaska… SPRING!! After leaving family and friends in Thousand Oaks we headed straight for our favorite beach campsite along the Rincon Parkway just 20 miles away.  As […]

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California Green

After wandering the deserts of Calif and Arizona for almost 2 months we have just spent 2 weeks in Thousand Oaks California visiting family.  Below is a short video of my mom’s home during a family get together this last weekend. A lot has happened since we left the southland, it has rained several inches! As we descended from the […]

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Dog Days In The Desert

Our desert sojourn is unfortunately coming to an end and soon we must begin our northbound migration back to Alaska in time for summer. It is hard to believe we have been on the road for almost 5 months now, it has gone by so fast. We have just spent the last 2 months wandering […]

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Into the Sonoran Desert

This last week we have traveled south of Ajo AZ about 40 miles and have been camped in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  Its a wonderful desert park with many out of the way places where you can get lost and just wander the arid landscape.  Twin Peaks is the only RV campground and it […]

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It Was Always Ajo

There are places in this world that have that certain charm or ambiance, they are different for a reason. Ajo Arizona is one of those places. Ajo meaning garlic in Spanish or red paint in the native language, is situated about 40 miles north of the Mexico border and about 115 south of Phoenix in the Northern […]

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Alaskan Desert Nomads

Recently we have come to the conclusion that living in the open desert is something that makes us very happy. In our younger years we traveled extensively on the Baja Peninsula and have camped the full length of Mexico and deep into Central America passing through some rather intense desert environments. On those trips our goals, […]

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Lost in a Sea Of Saguaros

Living in remote Alaska for the last 40 years did not help when it came time to camp surrounded by the largest RV show on earth. After attending the “Buses by the Bridge” VW event at Lake Havasu we drove due south to Quartzsite Arizona to experience this event first hand. Miles before we reached […]

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Old Buses and Big Balloons

After spending the holidays with family and friends on the west coast we have once again moved east into the desert. Recently we attended the 19th annual “Buses at the Bridge” event held in Lake Havasu City Arizona. This event originally began with owners of old VW camper vans getting together to camp and hang […]

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99 Years Of Fun And Adventure

Today we are in Ventura California to celebrate Lois Taylor’s (Mom) life of 99 years.   Lois led an exceptional life full of travel and adventure, witnessed and experienced unimaginable change in this world during her life.  She was a California girl that traveled through Europe, driven the Alaska Hwy 3 times and visited that state more than 30 […]

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The Worlds Largest Urban National Park

If you happen to live anywhere near Los Angeles you are very fortunate to have the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area at your doorstep. Its 153,000 acres offer access to some very wild mountain and canyon areas, beautiful beaches, historic film locations, extensive trail system and great wildlife viewing. Having been raised in SoCal in the 60’s […]

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A Southern California Christmas

This will be the first Christmas away from our home in Denali since the late 90’s. For many years we have hosted Christmas dinner at our house and today we are missing our friends. Christmas time in Alaska means very short daylight hours, temperatures that range around 0 degrees and snow on the ground. A […]

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Finally… The Desert

After waiting out 2″ of heavy rain on the west coast we took the opportunity to escape to the low desert as soon as it let up. The trip from Ventura County into the desert involved traveling on some of the busiest interstates in the country. But we missed most of the typical stop and […]

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The Art Of Remaining Flexible

After spending two weeks at mom’s house visiting, restocking and taking care of a small list of maintenance items on both our rigs we had decided to spend some time before Christmas in the California desert. As usual we have been closely monitoring the forecast to determine the optimum weather opportunities for the pups and us. The […]

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After enjoying a great Thanksgiving with our family I now wait in a dark corner of Southern California for the black friday shopping blitz to end. So to pass the time I have decided to write a short post about our current home on wheels, the Zefyr (short for Zephyr) First lets start off with […]

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