Summiting Chiriaco

As we sit around the campfire basking in the light of the full moon we stare into the distance and watch the seemingly never ending river of lights that is Interstate 10.  We are alone in the desert again. We have been camped at this site for two weeks now…. basically in the middle of nowhere. […]

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Exploring California’s Southern Coast

Whenever we visit Southern California we really enjoy exploring the hundreds of miles of backroads that wind through its coastal mountains. California’s southern coastline is a very unique environment indeed. It is an area of starkly contrasting landscapes ranging from rugged coastal mountains, world-famous beaches, rustic canyons, golden rolling hills, rich topsoil filled agricultural plains and of course […]

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South Bound & Down

The title of this post refers to the direction we are traveling and the fact that the gas pedal is to the floor or all the way “down”….. as we are on a mission. We have decided to depart Alaska early this fall as my 94 year mom has been having health issues. She lives […]

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A Basecamp Summer

These ARE the good old days! Since returning to Alaska and our home in Denali, we have reverted back to a more rooted lifestyle. Instead of roaming the western USA for months at a time we have enjoyed being in one place for a while and in many ways it has been an exceptional summer.  Daily […]

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Dreaming Deschutes

“It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.” – John Steinbeck As the Gone With The Dogs troupe passed through central Oregon in April (remember here) we spent time at Fort Motsko with friends Mark and Phyllis. At that time Mark […]

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