Central Washington Surprises

Over the last 40 years most of our travels between Alaska and Southern Calif have generally been centered along the fastest route, the I-5 corridor. When there were schedules to meet and family to visit it was the shortest distance between two points. Now that most of our timelines and deadlines are gone our new […]

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Meet the CABOSE

Our family has had a longstanding love affair with VW cars for the last 45 years. When we decided to take a tow vehicle with us on our current adventure it was an easy decision on what vehicle type to drag behind us….. an air cooled VW bug. Recently we found a vintage 1969 bug […]

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The Okanagan Valley

After a beautiful drive south from Kamloops through farming country to the Okanagan Region we are now camped in Bear Creek Provincial Park. It’s situated on the shore of Okanagan Lake directly across from the city of Kelowna on its east shore. To be honest we were a little disappointed regarding the size of Kelowna […]

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The Adventure Begins

We are Tim and Denise Taylor and after more then 41 years of living and working in Alaska together we are about to begin a new chapter in our lives. Oct 1, 2014 marked the beginning of our new life style of leaving Alaska in the winter months and traveling in the “lower 48” and […]

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