On Our Way Home

 On Our Way Home    

part 1

The time has come…….we must slowly head north to be home in time for our favorite time of year in Alaska… SPRING!!

After leaving family and friends in Thousand Oaks we headed straight for our favorite beach campsite along the Rincon Parkway just 20 miles away.  As we pulled into site 86 we spotted a beautiful 1967 blue VW beetle belonging to some folks from Phoenix.

Its hard to believe that two baby blue bugs were camped on this same beach. We spent the night listening to the soothing waves and the occasional train.

Dealing Baby Blue Bugs Camped Together on the Rincon
Two Baby Blue Bugs Camped Together on the Rincon

We are now in a new type of travel mode, one with a schedule. After 5 months of wandering with the freedom of the wind we now are on a more direct course that will take us home to Alaska.

Our  plans include visiting friends along the way and enjoying the coast line as much as possible. Our first stop was to visit with a friend we recently met in Lake Havasu at the Buses at the Bridge VW event. Gert is a retired rocket engineer that has lived in Lompoc for over 35 years.

He has an extensive collection of vintage cars and old VW’s. After a tour of his beautiful home and his warehouse full of cars we enjoyed some great Mexican food with his wife Joyce and several of their local Lompoc friends. Thanks for a great time Gert!

Cruising In Gerts Buick Electra 225
Cruising In Gerts Buick Electra 225
A Visit To Gerts Garage
A Visit To Gerts Garage

After a night camped along Avila beach we headed across the great San Joaquin valley to the western side of the Sierras.

Sunrise At Avila Beach
Sunrise Avila Beach

The drive across the valley was hot and in the mid 80’s but as we climbed up into the western Sierra the wild flowers were fantastic and the hillsides were very green from the recent rains but most importantly…. the temperature cooled. 

Sequoia National park is where our friends Dutch and Tammy live in their beatuifully built custom cabin. Dutch is also now retired from Denali National Park and we spent the day cruising the back roads of the park while he showed us some of his favorite and secret spots along the way.

Being at 7000ft the dogs were ecstatic about the last patches of SNOW!  After living in the desert for 2 months the pups were ready to roll in something cool.

While good for the dogs its bad news for southern Californians. In a normal spring this time of year there would be several feet of snow pack yet to melt. It could be a very smokey summer. 

Dutch's New Base Camp in Sequoia National Park
Dutch’s New Base Camp in Sequoia National Park
Dutch and LuLu Enjoy Some Rock Scrambling
Dutch and LuLu Enjoy Some Rock Scrambling
Lichens on Granite
Lichens on Granite
Family Portrait In Front of Sequoia
Family Portrait In Front of A Large Tree

Next we traveled a little further north to the Mariposa area of the western Sierras where we visited good friends Ed and Patricia. Both are also retired NPS folks from Yosemite NP.  

I met Ed when we traveled to Tanzania together for the International Technical Assistance Program. They have also constructed a beautiful new home in the foothills of the Sierra.

The road to their house was steep but well worth the drive. After a fabulous steak and quiche dinner we reminisced about their recent trip to Alaska. 

Ed and Patricia's Beautiful Home Near Mariposa
Ed and Patricia’s Beautiful Home Near Mariposa
Ed and Patricia
Ed and Patricia
High Security Chicken Coop
High Security Chicken Coop

From Mariposa we drove into our favorite High Sierra National park… Yosemite. Even though it was spring break we enjoyed great weather as we viewed the fantastic waterfalls and rock faces.

It brought back many a memory of hiking the Pacfic Crest Trail and climbing here in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Famed El Portal Entrance Into Yosemite
The Famed El Portal Entrance Into Yosemite
Half Way Up The Royal Arches Early 1970's
Brother Sam Half Way Up The Royal Arches Yosemite         Early 1970’s
Brother Sam Waves To Onlookers Royal Arches 1970's
I Wave To The Onlookers                        Royal Arches Early 1970’s
Selfie In El Cap Meadow
Selfie In El Cap Meadow  2015

Our next post Part 2 will most likely find us driving north on hwy 101 in search of some wild coastline to explore.

Additionally it will include our adventures driving through British Columbia, the Yukon and finally into Alaska.  

Don’t miss our latest video “On The Way Home”  


Keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “On Our Way Home

      1. Hi Tim and Denise – thanks for the update the kind words about our home and cars. We had a great time when you visited and I hope we can return the favor sometime soon. Have a good trip and be careful and give dogs a hug from me – Gert


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