Oregon Coasting

Once again the Pacific Ocean calls to us and so we must go.

It is now early April and after reviewing our calendar and the extended forecast we come to the conclusion there is just enough time to visit the coast once more before turning towards home. 

Unfortunately this means we must leave the luxury and comfort of Fort Motsko and our good friends.  But Mark and Phyllis make a snap decision and decide to join us on the coast to further break-in their beautiful new Chevy truck and Bigfoot camper.

In a spitting rain and snow storm we travel west across the Cascades passing just south of Mt Hood and the Timberline lodge.

Summit Mt. Hood 1973
Summit Mt. Hood 1973

When I traveled north to Alaska for the first time in 1973, my brother, myself and two friends summited Mt Hood on a blue bird spring day.  I will never forget seeing the Pacific ocean over 100 miles away from its summit.

Today because of the wet weather we can’t see above the tops of the trees but the memories of climbing this beautiful volcano come flooding back.

It is tempting to wait for the weather to clear but we continue on to keep an appointment for routine maintenance in Tualatin the next day at The Sprinter Store.

By mid afternoon our journey west continues through wine country and the beautiful McMinnville Valley. Late in the afternoon we join Mark and Phyllis already camped at Tillicum Beach Campground just south of Waldport.

Tillicum Beach State Park
Tillicum Beach Campground

Tillicum is a great little Forest Service campground nestled in a lush coastal forest with a broad sandy beach that extends for miles up and down the coast.  

Mark and Phyllis found adjoining campsites for us on the bluff overlooking the waves, very nice.

Tillicum Beach State Park
Tillicum Beach Campground

It is sunny and almost 70, hard to believe this is the Oregon coast!

The dogs immediately take to the sand and run full speed up and down Tillicum’s beautiful beach.  

Denise and Phyllis spend hours bent over searching for the perfect agate or stone.  We soak up the sun, relax and beach comb for hours. 

Campfire At Tillicum Beach
Campfire At Tillicum Beach.

Our evenings are spent around the fire pit eating good food, drinking stellar red wines and telling stories of our youth. Life is good.

Happy Hour At Tillicum
Happy Hour At Tillicum Beach
Lounging At Tillicum
Lounging At Tillicum
It Was Very Green On The Coast
Its Always Very Lush Along The Oregon Coast

After a couple nights at Tillicum we move north up Hwy 101 towards Cape Lookout State Park hoping to score a couple of campsites for the evening.

We stop for a few hours at Ona State Beach so Denise and Phyllis can continue their search for fossils and agates.  This beach has very unusual rock formations with many fossils embedded in the headlands.

Ona Beach
Ona State Beach
beach combing
Phyllis Beach Combs
Denise Finds Treasure At On a State Beach
Denise Finds Treasure At On a State Beach
Treasures From the Surf
Treasures From the Surf Zone

In the town of Newport we stop for lunch and enjoy some great seafood at Local Ocean Restaurant, one of Newports premier harbor seafood eateries.  Its open air seating was perfect since it was sunny and in the mid 70’s.

Newport ??
View From The Local Ocean Restaurant
Crab Cakes and The Fresh Catch At Local Ocean Restaurant Newport

By evening we arrive at Cape Lookout State Park and luckily find a couple of nice sites still available.  Cape Lookout is yet another beautiful lush Oregon campground located within a dense forest with a great beach, its hard to take.

Cape Lookout State Beach
Cape Lookout Cabins
Cape Lookout Cabins For Rent
mud flats
Crustacean Tracks On The Beach At Cape Lookout

Unfortunately our time has run out and we must depart for home.  We bid farewell to the Motsko’s and head north following the coast for as long as possible to bypass Portland.

When the weather is nice there is nothing quite like the Oregon coast.  Its vibrant lush forests, fantastic wild beaches and great campgrounds can make for very enjoyable camping.

Spending time along this coast always seems to make for an easy going laid back life that enables one to truly relax and enjoy oneself.  Must be the negative ions.

There is no doubt we will return.

Happy Campers Say Goodbye


Enjoy our latest video “Oregon Coasting”


Next stop…1500 miles to home, keep you posted

10 thoughts on “Oregon Coasting

  1. Boy,…”Sand Flea Productions” got the recipe for creating the best vid to watch when you are temporarily “grounded”. Definitely a powerful stimulus to get our rig order in. And watching Tux and Lulu exuberant beach romping with those happy smiles is so heartwarming…ah…Pacific Ocean beaches can elevate any spirit to such joyous heights.


  2. We have camped at Tillicum and find that it is a really nice little campground. Thanks for the reminder. We need to go back. We have not been to Cape Lookout so that is now on our list of must dos. Loved the video. The dogs looked like they were having a blast.


  3. In the photo at the summit of Mt. Hood I recognize the long-gone top of Mt. St Helens in the background. That makes it a truly hysterical picture.


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